How this Toronto-based entrepreneur is revolutionizing the beauty industry

How this Toronto-based entrepreneur is revolutionizing the beauty industry

A powerful solution for youthful-looking hair and skin, at any age

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“We know what products can enhance our hair and skin, but when water is working against them, the products don’t work as efficiently as they should. What’s missing is getting down to the root of the problem: the water we bathe and cleanse ourselves in.” – Stephanie Karellas

From those who are city living or who have settled into a relatively new condo and individuals living in rural Ontario towns that use hard water to flow into their showers, just about everyone can experience the impact of different levels of chlorine, hard minerals and other chemicals on their skin and hair health even with a water softener system in their home. 

When dealing with dry, damaged or dull hair, people often point fingers at their heat tools, products or even the weather, but one factor that’s usually ignored is water quality. And with decades of experience working in the beauty industry, Toronto-based hairstylist Stephanie Karellas of Kroma Salon has the solution.

Stephanie Karellas at Kroma Salon in King City, Ontario Liz Salzman Photography

Stephanie started out working as a stylist in the GTA in her early teenage years, and her ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit quickly motivated her to create something of her own. She opened Kroma Salon—a modern, up-scale salon that quickly gained popularity—in King City, Ontario. Being a true industry student, Stephanie began connecting the dots the moment customers who left the salon feeling fresh and fantastic came back with flatter and duller hair—even with frequent trims and protective products. So, she set out to find a solution to this problem through her accessible and revolutionary product, SOMA. This vitamin C-infused shower filter purifies your water by eliminating harmful chemicals like chlorine and other contaminants.

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As an experienced hairstylist with over 15 years of experience, Stephanie designed this product with both fellow hair professionals and clients in mind. “It can be frustrating to shell out hundreds of dollars and hours of your time to get your hair coloured or styled and then not be able to maintain it due to water damage. And it can be equally frustrating for stylists when their clients aren’t able to enjoy the fruits of their labour,” she shares. “We put a lot of our love, time and energy into our craft and making people feel beautiful. SOMA will help prevent us from always having to start from scratch every time our clients visit us. Our clients deserve not just to look fabulous leaving the salon but also to maintain fresh-looking locks as each week passes and after every wash.”

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SOMA has been proven to restore the hair’s natural oils, reduce breakage, revive shine and preserve hair colour. It also helps calm and hydrate dry or irritated skin while also boosting skin elasticity and youthfulness. SOMA can even help treat eczema. After much research, Stephanie discovered the vital role of pH levels in hair and skincare. With this in mind, Stephanie’s SOMA Shower Filter filters out contaminants to re-balance your hair and skin’s pH level with a 15-stage technology that infuses your water with essential minerals, calcium sulphate, and vitamin C. 

“I’m confident that with this filter, people will recognize hair growth, less breakage, longer-lasting hair colour, and less skin and scalp irritation,” says Stephanie. “It provides both short-term and long-term value.” 

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