How YouTuber Samantha Guerrero curates her jewellery collection with Mejuri

How YouTuber Samantha Guerrero curates her jewellery collection with Mejuri

An intentionally curated wardrobe and jewellery collection can empower anyone to embrace a daily dose of luxury

For Toronto-based creative Samantha Guerrero, jewellery is like a talisman that she keeps and rarely takes off. And because she can go days at a time without removing all her jewellery, she makes a point of carefully curating her collection with versatile pieces that–from being worn with yoga pants or summer dresses–can work, live and grow with her. 

The concept of pieces that grow with her has stuck with her since she received her very first piece of jewellery. “My dad gave me a little white gold ring with two pink hearts representing us when I was around seven or eight. I never, ever take this piece off because it means so much to me. I only ever took it off to resize it so it could grow with me,” says Guerrero. “It’s a classic that will never look out of place. And that’s the thing, it’s grown with me, and no matter how much I’ve changed, it comes with me”. 

Guerrero points out that although it’s always fun to dabble with trends in the moment, something she is no stranger to, she almost always prefers to look into the future to make choices that are hard to grow out of. For her, longevity is always the name of the game. 

Opting for classic, eye-catching pieces with a sense of simplicity and minimalism makes them that much easier to wear. “I always want to feel good–that’s my priority. Style, for me, is feeling beautiful, confident and powerful,” she shares. “I make a point of waking up and putting myself together, for me, every morning.”

Investing in yourself is the very ethos that Mejuri, one of Guerrero’s favourite jewellery brands, has been built around. Guerrero fondly shares her first memory of the brand, “Way before I was a content creator, I was on public transit on my way to school, and I saw their ‘Diamonds for your damn self’ campaign, and I was immediately sold.” Though there’s beauty in an intentionally thoughtful gift from someone special, there’s something to say about the empowerment that comes with gifting yourself a piece of luxury to indulge in your day-to-day.

You can shop Samantha Guerrero’s favourite Mejuri pieces here, and shop Mejuri’s best sellers here.

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