Robin Kay says fashion week may return to Nathan Phillips Square

Robin Kay says fashion week may return to Nathan Phillips Square

The latest subject of BlogTO’s “Toronto through the eyes of” series is, appropriately, the Fashion Design Council of Canada’s much-gossiped-about president, Robin Kay. Kay, who’s responsible for organizing fashion week, which began with the Izma show last night, gives away some non-surprising tidbits (she likes vintage shops on Queen, loves The Room at The Bay, wants more people to wear Canadian designers) and said that it’s possible the white tents will return to Nathan Phillips Square in future seasons. We also learned that Kay is a master of the indirect answer, a must for anyone who’s had to fight off critics as much as she has. 

When asked what it’ll take to get Philip Sparks and Greta Constantine to show at fashion week:

Ten years ago, fashion week was unheard of in Canada. I am thrilled that there are designers that are showing. I would love to have them all show together under the tent where the massive media are happy to report. The success of any Canadian designer is satisfying to the FDCC mandate, branding the fashion industry in Canada. The boys started at Muzik with front-page coverage, and they are on their way.

On the last-minute venue changes and the importance of finding a permanent venue for fashion week:

You must look at our history to accurately report that we’ve [only] had five locations in 22 seasons. It is our goal to find a permanent or quasi-permanent home. Our needs for two and a half weeks in pre-build and with the event that requires a minimum of 40,000 square feet must be balanced with our use of the building during the other weeks of the year.

When asked how Toronto’s fashion week compares to those in New York and Paris, and what it’ll take to get there:

The intention of the FDCC is to brand the fashion industry in Canada on an international scale. This is promoting our domestic designers in our own markets and in global markets, as well as encouraging international designers to export to Canada to enrich the retail landscape in this country, further promoting and creating a cohesive, sustainable and successful industry in this country. Today, there are designers at LG Fashion Week whose names are internationally known. However, looking at New York, their fashion industry had been growing since 1962 when the CFDA was founded.

On what the attendees should look forward to during fashion week:

The theme this season is the Power of Style. It manifests the empowerment of every guest, and this energy and excitement will be evident at every moment of the week.

There’s nothing like a theme to get a party going. Fashion week runs until Thursday. Stay tuned for more coverage, including full runway galleries.
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