Eaton Centre Casanovas: So-called “pickup artists” are hitting the mall en masse to try and seduce women

Eaton Centre Casanovas: So-called “pickup artists” are hitting the mall en masse to try and seduce women

(Image: Five-two)

The 2005 bestselling memoir The Game unmasked the world of pickup artists: self-proclaimed Casanovas obsessed with scoring with hot women—or at least ones insecure enough to fall for strategies like “negging” (backhanded compliments) and “kino” (casual touches that pave the way for later advances). Regrettably, the sub-culture is still alive and well. What’s more, it’s flourishing at the Eaton Centre.

On Reddit and other online forums, dozens of women report being approached while shopping by persistent young guys with oddly rehearsed-sounding pickup lines. It turns out that several PUAs, as they’re known, run paid workshops and events at the mall for socially awkward dudes who are eager to learn how to talk to “targets” (i.e. women). According to one local pickup coach, the mall is “one of the world’s most popular day game locations.”

Since there are so many women in the Eaton Centre you can easily warm up and get yourself into state within 20 minutes. Eaton Centre is therefore a great first stop on your day game iternary. [sic] Do a few approaches there and you can move to other venues which may have less women but better logistics (girls who are stationary).

Among the self-styled players’ pointers for newbies: look for girls walking slowly because they’ll have time to talk; chat up store workers so they don’t kick you out of the mall; don’t forget to check out the food court; and, if all else fails, head to nearby Ryerson University to “meet cute Eastern European girls.” For those dying to witness the awkwardness firsthand, members of an 850-strong group of Toronto PUAs are scheduled to gather at the mall today at 5 p.m. to “beast”—that is, approach as many women as possible on the logic that eventually one will say yes. The event description advises guys to “set your doubts aside for a session filled with fast paced adrenaline pumping approach action!” and even includes testimonials from men who’ve previously coughed up $5 to learn the ropes:

Had issues with escalation and could never get a girl to come out with me on a date. Junaid walked me through the steps he uses to get the lay and guided me on how to use them in my approach. I can happily say I have taken 3 girls out on dates in the past month and even managed to pull one back to my place. Thank you Junaid. I know the best is still to come” – Pablo L from Toronto