A look at Kendall and Kylie’s new kollaboration with Topshop

kendall and kylie promo

While the debate over Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s cultural relevance rages on, the sisters keep coming up with new ways to infiltrate our daily lives. The latest: a collaboration with Topshop (their second, in fact). The collection, which hits Toronto shelves on December 7, is filled with the kind of pieces the duo would typically wear to get froyo in Calabasas (think: body-hugging dresses, marbled miniskirts and cut-out crop tops). For those who make a point of keeping up with the Kardashians, it’s a way to get the signature look without dropping thousands on Balmain and Givenchy—everything is under $200. Here, 12 surprisingly stylish ways to make the two youngest members of America’s first family a little richer this holiday season.

K+K Cut Out Dress, $115 CAD
K+K Cut Out Printed Dress, $125 CAD

No Kendall and Kylie look would be komplete without strategically placed kut-outs. $115, $125.

K+K Cut Out High Neck Jumpsuit, $125 CAD
K+K Lace Up Mini Dress, $105 CAD

This high-necked jumpsuit is SO Kendall ($125). A long-sleeved frock that still manages to be sexy? Leave it to Kylie ($105).

K+K Lace Up Sweater Dress, $105 CAD
K+K Long Line Bomber, $180 CAD

By K&K standards, these two pieces are practically Mormon (which is why they should probably be worn with thigh-high leather boots). $105, $180.

K+K Origami Wrap Top, $85 CAD
K+K Printed Crop Top, $85 CAD

These two crop-tops can be worn with a skirt or boyish trousers. $85 each.

K+K Maxi Skirt, $85 CAD
K+K Printed Tee, $58 CAD, only

For when you want the signature K-Dash look, but with a bit more coverage. $85, $58.

K+K Printed Skirt, $85 CAD
K+K Silver Skirt, $75 CAD

Nothing says festive cheer like statement miniskirts. $85, $75.



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