Five outdoor renovations to punctuate your perfect summer space

Five outdoor renovations to punctuate your perfect summer space

Build the outdoor space of your dreams this summer

When the world shut down and communal experiences became obsolete, Canadians were forced indoors—and challenged with rethinking their own spaces. Some took up DIY home improvement projects, while others uprooted and relocated somewhere completely new. We’ve collectively learned how to curate our living spaces, transforming our homes into safe havens and comfortable oases for self-care nights and hosting loved ones as restrictions lifted. With summer just around the corner, keep the party going by reimagining your outdoor space with ARD Outdoor. Whether you want to spruce up your place for a friends gathering or zen it down to improve your me time, there’s a design solution for everyone.

Hone in on your style

Renovating your space is exciting, and you probably want to get right to it as quickly as possible. But taking the time to sit with your ideas and map it out will lead to better decision-making, less impulsive purchases and ultimately a space that feels the most “you”. Start by nailing down how you want to primarily use your space, as well as the vibe you’re aiming for: Do you want your outdoor space to be an extension of your bubbly, colourful personality? Or maybe you want to create a calming, spa-like escape, or the ultimate outdoor party palace? Looking to experts, like ARD Outdoor’s design consultants, can help put the finishing touches on your new space, and keep your project streamlined. No matter what space you have—whether it’s a 50 square foot balcony or a massive backyard—ARD has something that’ll fit for everyone.

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Invest in high-quality furniture

You needn’t only get to enjoy incredible furniture when on holiday. Create a staycation in your home; a staycation that you never have to leave. Family-owned, Canadian-born company ARD Outdoor has been building luxury furniture for 57 years, with experience outfitting homes, restaurants and resorts in Toronto, Muskoka and worldwide. With our outdoor spaces becoming more of a staple in our lives, it’s important to consider how long your furniture will last.

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Upgrade your seating arrangement

Ever thrown a party and not had enough seats, or found yourself frustrated with mismatched or uncomfortable furniture? Then it’s high-time you give your seating plan an upgrade. Seating is obviously a non-negotiable if the main way you want to use your outdoor space is for entertaining. Consider combining single chairs with love seats and long sofas, stools, and even weather-proof poufs to create different pockets for socializing, with plenty of end tables to place drinks and plates. Browse ARD Outdoor’s incredible collection of sectionals and dining sets that you can piece together yourself for the most beautiful bespoke space that suits your needs.

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Create your ideal atmosphere

When it comes to creating a cozy, comforting atmosphere, lighting is everything. You can achieve this by putting up strings of lights throughout your outdoor space to put on once the sun goes down. Bring the comfort of the inside of your home outside by incorporating traditionally indoors table and floor lamps in your outdoor space. Want to take the coziness one step further? Consider installing one of ARD’s chic fire pits from Dekko. Nothing says restful outdoor escape quite like a warm fire.

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Build your zen oasis

Imagine yourself sunbathing next to the turquoise beaches in Nice, or wandering the Grecian coast set against stark-white architecture and breathtaking mountains. While we can’t be jet-setting all the time, you can recreate the feeling of your calming European escape right at home. Decorate your outdoor living space with chic, minimalist, high-quality pool loungers for catching those delicious summer rays. Take a break from the heat with your book and a glass of lemonade underneath a magnificent, sprawling umbrella or inside one of ARD’s built-in-umbrella chairs. Bring the Amalfi coast to your backyard.

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