Men’s holiday hairstyles for every event

Men’s holiday hairstyles for every event

From the office party to New Year’s Eve on the town, American Crew can help you get the perfect look.

The winter holidays can be great: food, family, fireside hangouts. And while your oversized Fair Isle sweater may be universally appropriate during this frosty season, the whirlwind of parties and events means at the very least, you’ll want to calibrate your hairstyle to strike just the right balance between flexible (casual) and firm (coiffed). And for every occasion, American Crew can help:

OCCASION: Office Christmas Party
Level 1: Somewhat formal

HAIRSTYLE: The company holiday party is an occasion to relax, let loose and have a drink or two with your colleagues. Your hair should say, I know how to have fun without getting a side eye from the human resources department. Try a low fade with a hard part and wavy pomp. American Crew’s Fiber has enough flexibility to impart a proper wave, with a subtle shine that won’t glisten unnaturally under your office’s fluorescent lighting.

OCCASION: Traveling Over the Holidays
Level 3: Casual not sloppy

HAIRSTYLE: Keeping it loose helps make holiday travels more joy than ordeal. The less time spent fixing your hair, the more time you have to Tetris fit everything into your suitcase. If you’ve grown out the front a bit in the lead-up to the holidays, that’s fine: you’ll need at least four inches for this look (with shorter hair, modify the look to suit your length). Ask your barber to cut in a graduated top. Then use a hairdryer and some Fiber Cream, and with your fingers, pull the hair up and back. The look should hold even if you have to dash through the airport to make your flight.

OCCASION: Reunion with Friends
Level 2: Refined Casual

HAIRSTYLE: The holidays are the one time of year that you and all your childhood buddies are back in the same place at the same time, bringing out your competitive spirit. Up your style game with a trendy, relaxed modern pompadour look, flexibly held in place with American Crew Fiber Cream. The top should be around 5-6 inches, tapering to 3-4 inches in the back, while the side length can vary depending on your preference (with shorter hair, modify the look to suit your length). Blow-dry your hair into the right shape and then run through it with a small amount of cream. Finish blowdrying on a cool setting, and you’re all set to roll out and reunite with your friends.

OCCASION: Christmas Dinner with the Family
Level 2: Refined Casual (Mom approved)

Photo credit: Amanda Demme

HAIRSTYLE: The big family get-together means it’s time to look tidy and presentable. This is the exact occasion to do a hard part with slicked-back hair that leaves nothing out of place. But there’s a right and wrong way to achieve this look. You’ll need a high fade or an undercut from your barber, to start with. Then, apply a small amount of American Crew’s Fiber and comb it back. As a general rule, the more formal the dinner, the shinier your hair can be. Luckily this Fiber has a low shine, so it won’t look too formal for a family gathering.

OCCASION: New Year’s Eve on the Town
Level 2: Casual Smolder

HAIRSTYLE: If you’ve survived another holiday with the family, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reward yourself with a wild night. That means a look that says to everyone that you’re here to have fun and end 2017 in style. If you’ve grown out your hair long enough (think three or four inches plus), consider getting a mid-taper fade from your barber and side-parting your hair using American Crew’s Fiber Cream. The cream brings enough flexibility that your hair can move a little should you find yourself on a dance floor, but the look will last long enough that you’re guaranteed to swagger on until midnight and beyond.