Lindsay Lohan as Jesus, Abercrombie store scares Japanese shoppers, Tavi talks back

Lindsay Lohan as Jesus, Abercrombie store scares Japanese shoppers, Tavi talks back

Lilo's Purple cover

Armani Exchange’s Share the Love Valentine’s Day campaign, which features steamy photos of same-sex couples, has angered the American Family Association, which expressed its displeasure on its Web site The organization, which aims to rid society of “filth,” calls the ads “poison” to children and urges other parents to “take a stand since A|X is one of the fashion leaders and this is becoming a popular trend.” We’re outraged—Armani Exchange is not a fashion leader. [The Cut]

• Controversial teen fashion blogger and Jeanne Beker stand-in Tavi Gevinson responded to the recent criticisms that have been levelled at her, her big hats and her parents. The gist? Bring it. “I’m going to New York on Saturday. I will be wearing some more hats. If you happen to be sitting behind me and you’d like to be able to see, just ask.” Let’s hope the Fashion Television cameras are rolling. [Style Rookie]

• Lord only knows what kind of holy dust Lindsay Lohan was snorting when she decided to do a photo shoot for Purple magazine posing as Jesus Christ. In it, Lohan, with outstretched arms, wears a white, robe-like Zac Posen number and a crown of thorns (no Ungaro nipple pasties here). But if Lilo’s hoping for redemption, disappearance from all things Hollywood for a few years might be a better idea. [High Snobiety]

• Japanese consumers are the latest group to lend a hand in digging a grave for the troubled clothing store Abercrombie and Fitch. Earlier this week In December, A&F opened its flagship store in Tokyo, but the marketing program has scared local shoppers away. It turns out that the high price of the clothes combined with bare-chested American staffers goes against Japanese shopping culture. [Business of Fashion]

• YouTube DIY makeup star Michelle Phan has just signed on with Lancôme as the brand’s official video makeup artist. The 22-year-old’s tutorials have become a YouTube hot spot, with hits numbering in the millions. The deal makes Lancôme the first big beauty company to bring a social media star on board. Luckily, Phan is not the type to hold a grudge—three years ago, she applied for a job at a Lancôme counter and was turned down. [Stylelist]