Just opened: Tabula Rasa gives vintage hunters a new reason to cross the Don

Just opened: Tabula Rasa gives vintage hunters a new reason to cross the Don

The place: On the edge of Greektown sits Toronto’s newest cheap and cheerful clothing hub: a reason for west-end vintage hounds to cross the Don River.

The stuff: After slaving at the Le Château design table, owner Jennifer Park began reconstructing vintage pieces (a hem here, an asymmetrical sleeve there) that she now sells at Tabula Rasa along with basics from Ports, Ralph Lauren and Wayne Clark. Silk-lined double-breasted academy blazers, riding leggings with shiny fabric on the inner thigh and teeny beret cocktail hats from Toronto’s Le Petit Beret (made of out Park’s vintage scraps) keep the mix fresh for fashion-forward customers.

The shoppers: Vintage diehards and east-end hipsters looking for a close-to-home source of liquid leggings and asymmetrical tops.

The find: Flashdance-inspired organic cotton sweaters from Alternative Apparel. Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, they have a cashmere feel and are a steal at $42.

Tabula Rasa, 745 Broadview Ave. (at Danforth Ave.), 416-465-4450,


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