Jeremy Laing visited the Vogue office today

Jeremy Laing visited the Vogue office today

From Jeremy Laing's spring 2010 collection (Photo via

Toronto designer Jeremy Laing made a trip to the Vogue offices today, giving the editors a preview of his fall 2010 collection, which he will present tomorrow evening during New York fashion week.

While it’s not clear whether Anna Wintour saw the pieces, Florence Kane blogged about how much the editors loved them.

If Jeremy Laing didn’t need his savage new fur pieces for his presentation this Friday evening at Milk Studios, we’d have ripped them off the rack when he came in to preview his latest collection at the Vogue offices today, and worn them to all the shows this week.

And why did they love the pieces so much? Because the clothes have Canadian flair.

Jeremy’s fall line marks his first foray into fur, and he’s done pieces in red fox, muskrat and beaver—all sustainably hunted in his native Canada. He’s sewn strips of the pelts onto material, “to give it the movement of a fabric garment.” Everything is very warm but very light, which makes it perfect for tramping to shows in a snowstorm like today’s. The only thing we don’t like about the collection is that we’ll have to wait until next winter to wear it.

We believe they call that a rave review, and further justification as to why the designer doesn’t need to show at Toronto fashion week.

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