Jay Manuel shows attitude at a Sears show on night three of LG Fashion Week

Jay Manuel shows attitude at a Sears show on night three of LG Fashion Week

I know, right? (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)

Last night at LG Fashion Week, Jay Manuel (better known to fans of America’s Next Top Model as Mr. Jay), heir to a vast silver hair-dye dynasty, presented his debut collection for Attitude by Sears. The crowd was massive, as rumours that Gwen Stefani or even “Ms. Smize” herself, Tyra Banks, would show up to support the collection. Much to the chagrin of our inner Harajuku girl, Lash Blast lover and “noted fashion photographer” fan, neither showed. Toronto’s most notable attendees were Deborah Cox and stylist June Ambrose. See our take on Manuel’s attitude and full photo coverage after the jump.

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Being that this show was all about Attitude, Manuel brought it, in the form of a mirrored catwalk with an enormous Photoshopped backdrop, a bass-heavy club soundtrack and quite possibly the most self-indulgent pre-show video ever recorded. Previous winners of Canada’s and America’s Next Top Model walked the runway (nothing says you’re now a top model like walking in a Sears runway show in Toronto), though we were a bit sad to see the event didn’t have some sort of gauntlet for the girls to walk, like cycle 16’s “bubble walk” on water.

The collection was fine, nothing spectacular to note; what Manuel (or Sears) had to offer was basics like blazers, skirts and wide-legged pants. After the show, Manuel hosted an after-party of sorts in the studio space at Heritage Court, where we giddily watched drunk dudes hit on the models from the show.