Introducing: Pineapple, a new vintage boutique that actually serves both men and women

Introducing: Pineapple, a new vintage boutique that actually serves both men and women

A vintage shop that actually has more than a few men’s items (Image: Karolyn Ellacott)

The place: On the edge of Kensington Market’s shopping strip lies Pineapple Kensington, a slightly more upscale vintage boutique—compared with some of its neighbours that sell bargain T-shirts—from Melanie Janisse. Shoppers may remember Janisse from Melanie’s Closet back in the day, but at Pineapple, her eclectic eye has sourced plenty of standout pieces for both sirs and madams (the latter in particular), with endless accessories (especially hats), although Janisse assures us she’s “not a crazy hat lady.”

The stuff: Janisse has a fondness for glitz and glamour, and isn’t reticent about colour. With no-name brands mixed in with high-end pieces (think Lanvin, Fendi, Burberry and Canada’s own Lida Baday), no decade in particular is favoured. Pieces range from being decades old to seeming far more recent, but take in all the extras, like Janisse’s collection of spectacles, sunglasses, watches, purses, necklaces and rings, a plethora of gasp-inducing earrings and even the odd delicate lace collar we saw lying about. Much of the jewellery is from Kali, a locally made line that often incorporates found objects—such as keys—into its one-of-a-kind pieces.

The men’s selection is surprisingly large, taking over much of the back room, with all the components there to make up a smart outfit fit for a flaneur. Fedoras line the wall—with an occasional cap thrown in —while gently used oxfords and Jubo vintage deadstock shoes from Germany—made from the softest leather—are displayed next to a selection of ties.

Our favourite things: We loved a floaty pastel ombré dress from the 1960s so much that we had to have it (an absolute steal at $30), while peacock headpieces—made in collaboration with Lilliput Hats—will give other hat makers a run for their money ($70). A Lanvin shirt-dress with a digital print is a real showstopper ($155), while those into a more feminine silhouette will likely be drawn to a silk peach gown with a delicate leaf motif ($345). We also have our eye on a vibrant South American woven belt ($55), and we dug the rainbow selection of button-downs for men (from $40), alongside a David’s of London burgundy-print smoking jacket that not-so-subtly lets everyone know who’s in charge ($265).

Pineapple Kensington, 2 Kensington Ave., 416-407-0266