Introducing: Jacob and Sebastian, where bathtime is for adults

Introducing: Jacob and Sebastian, where bathtime is for adults

Organic cotton towels from Amy Butler are $25

The place: As the giant tub in the centre of the store and the glass ducks floating around the perimeter would suggest, bath concoctions are everywhere. But washing up isn’t about Mr. Bubbles and soap crayons anymore—it gets the grown-up treatment at Jacob and Sebastian, a new beauty boutique at Queen and Bathurst.

The stuff: Aside from bubble bath accoutrements, look for Nuit Divoire candles ($35) that smell like a crackling fire (a fitting accompaniment to the Rogers fireplace channel for cramped apartments), handmade toothbrushes (who knew?) from Alan Stuart ($10) that come in op-art patterns and look great next to tubes of Marvis (the toothpaste that’s less Shoppers Drug Mart and more Drake General Store), and Curpon pillow cases ($40) that claim to reduce wrinkles. We’re skeptical but can’t argue with the methodology—it’s a whole lot less scary than this.

Snazzy Marvis toothpaste

The shoppers: Rosedale ladies are flocking here for Jo Wood Organics, a skincare line from from the Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife. Hey, even if the Stones themselves have aged terribly, it’s no secret their model ex-wives are still hot. And guys looking to keep their Movember mugs clean have been opting for the Baxter of California Superclose Shave Formula ($22) over the drug store stuff.

Our favourite things: The oversized, organic cotton Amy Butler towels ($25) in paisley prints with bright punches of colour help stave off the winter doldrums (at least for those two minutes one spends drying), and we loved the unisex (but erring on the side of masculine) Malin and Goetz products, like crisp eucalyptus-scented deodorant ($20)—not nearly as overpowering as anything from the Axe family.

Jacob and Sebastian, 622 Queen St. W., 647-345-0478,