Inside the palatial new Hammam Spa in Bayview Village, with Moroccan-inspired interiors and all-marble treatment rooms

Inside the palatial new Hammam Spa in Bayview Village, with Moroccan-inspired interiors and all-marble treatment rooms

Ever since Celine Tadrissi opened her original Hammam Spa in a heritage King West building 15 years ago, it has a been a favourite among downtowners looking for a quick eucalyptus steam or an invigorating Turkish bath treatment. She opened her new location in Bayview Village in the fall, and it’s even more lavish than the original. Tadrissi partnered with Skinceuticals and plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Rice, who offers cosmetic treatments like fillers and botox. Last summer, Tadrissi and her husband’s architecture firm, Prototype Design Lab, spent three months turning a 13,000 square-foot former Indigo into a peaceful yet opulent space that feels like a Moroccan palace—with hints of Canadiana throughout. The team meticulously designed every detail, from the custom landscape panels on the walls to the intricate laser-cut patterns on the spiral staircase. Guests can lounge by the cozy fireplace, sweat it out in the massive multi-coloured steam room or get scrubbed and polished from head to toe on heated marble slabs. Here’s a look inside.

Prototype Design Lab does a lot of fabrication work, and they laser-cut the patterns into the sides of the spiral staircase:


Here’s the view of the geometric pattern from above:


Here’s the upstairs lobby, where clients check into spa treatments:


Here’s a look at Tadrissi’s brand, Céla. The marbleized packaging inspired a few design details at the spa. The Black Soap, used in their Turkish Bath treatment, is a grainy scrub imported directly from Morocco that has a delightfully strong eucalyptus scent:


These chairs, custom-made by Prototype Design Lab, were inspired by cocoons:


The panels on the wall depict iconic Canadian landscapes:


There are more in the hallways:


They offer super-fancy mani-pedis with natural-grain exfoliation and a conditioning paraffin masque:


There’s a privacy option if you don’t feel like chatting to your pedi neighbour:


The steam room is lined with sparkly mosaic tiles and lit with LED lights that change colours from blue to green, yellow, orange, pink and purple:


Here’s a look inside:


Wet treatment rooms have heated marble slabs for clients to lie on. Tadrissi was inspired by the bathing rituals in Turkey, Morocco and Korea. They use a black eucalyptus soap imported from Morocco, a thick foaming style used in Turkey and exfoliation movements common in Korean baths:


They do a lot of couple treatments, and have soaker tubs for rinsing off:

2901 Bayview Ave., 416-366-4772,