Inside SapientNitro’s futuristic office in the QRC West building

Inside SapientNitro’s futuristic office in the QRC West building


What: Global digital marketing agency SapientNitro’s Toronto offices
Where: Two and a half floors of the newly constructed QRC West building at Peter and Richmond
How big: 59,000 square feet for 325 employees

SapientNitro’s new, high-tech office in the Queen-Richmond Centre is like a workspace out of The Jetsons. Its three floors are full of fancy, futuristic touches, including walls that change colour to reflect the time of day (and coming soon: employees’ moods) and screens that display hypnotic shapes and patterns that change according to the weather.


The place is in perpetual party mode: rowdy bashes, either for client visits or staff bonding, take place at least once a month. Staff look forward to almost-daily treats, such as “Funbus Thursdays,” when snacks and booze roll through the office on a cart.

The office is scattered with artsy remnants from the brand’s Nuit Blanche exhibit last October, including a few giant animal sculptures:


The office has a meeting space for every need, filled with long bar-like tables, casual couches and cozy booths. The custom-made Ping-Pong table on the right transforms into a regular table with stools when needed:


The images on these interactive screens change depending on the weather and how many employees have checked in using their pass cards. The day we visited was cloudy, and at this point, no one had checked in:


Here’s what it looks like with a few more check-ins:


Sensors automatically dim or brighten the office’s overhead lighting depending on how much natural light is available. Another thing the staff loves: windows that open:


When employees draw a simple shape or figure on this screen, an AI program animates it based on the original drawing:


This TRON-esque hallway is party-ready:


This is one of the walls that displays different colours depending on the time of day. Employees can also write on it:


This meeting room is called “The Eye,” and is mostly used for analyzing project data:


The gaming console has almost every old-school video game imaginable. If staff identify a missing game, they list it on a piece of paper:


This area is devoted exclusively to video games:


Another keepsake from the brand’s Nuit Blanche exhibit, this virtual reality mirror transforms the gazer into a wolf or bear:


When employees tire of all the video games and office features, they can take in a panoramic view of the city:


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