Inside alcohol distributor Corby’s liquor-filled King West office

Inside alcohol distributor Corby’s liquor-filled King West office


What: Canadian alcohol marketer and distributor Corby Spirit and Wine’s Toronto office (it also has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Halifax and Windsor)
Where: The 11th floor of 225 King Street West, next to David Pecaut Square
How big: 23,500 square feet for approximately 100 employees

Corby is big on booze. The 150-year-old company (it was founded in Corbyville, a community within Belleville, in 1859) distributes brands like Absolut vodka, Glenlivet scotch, Malibu rum and Jacob’s Creek wine—so naturally, its Theatre District office is packed with enough bottles to fuel a few Drake mansion parties. Drinking is reserved for special events, of which there are many: staff partake in office cocktail parties or liquor tastings hosted by high-profile brand ambassadors a few times a month.


For events, staff gather around high-top tables in the main kitchen:


And a regular fridge, which—surprise!—is also packed with liquor:


The account managers’ offices are especially high-octane. This, as you may have guessed, is the Absolut account manager’s office:


Cubicle dividers at Corby are also reserved for bottle collections:


Another perk? A “product allotment” for each staff member that starts at $400 per year. The company posts notices around the office informing employees of LCBO deals, so they can get the best bang for their buck:


President and CEO Patrick O’Driscoll’s office has a seating option for every kind of meeting (and an impressive J.P. Wiser’s collection):


Apparently, due to the elevator decor, Corby’s floor is dubbed the “fun one” by other people who work in the building:


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