Our favourite finds from Hunter’s new cold-weather collection

Our favourite finds from Hunter’s new cold-weather collection

As is obvious by the sheer number of Hunter rainboots on display downtown the minute there’s any moisture in the air, the brand has officially conquered the rainy-apparel world. And while their boots are legendary and their ponchos definitely sturdy, most Torontonians require items with a little more insulation for the six-month stretch when temperatures dip below zero and drizzle quickly turns to bone-chilling blizzards. Thankfully, they’ve come out with a fantastic new cold-weather collection that caters perfectly towards Canadians looking to stay cozy without sacrificing style.

The brand’s greenhouse-inspired Yorkdale flagship, which opened two years ago and was the first standalone store in North America, is currently stocked with everything Torontonians need to effectively deal with winter (including full-length puffers that feel like sleeping bags). The collection delivers technical, insulated protection designed to combat freezing temperatures and keep you dry in any kind of torrential storm. Basically, they have you covered for any kind of winter adventure—whether it’s hiking in the snow-covered hills outside the city or simply commuting to the streetcar every morning. A bonus: their prices are more affordable than many other winterwear brands.

Here are a few of our favourite finds:

A sunny yellow parka, $295

This parka looks carefree and casual, but it’s got some serious warmth-providing abilities: it’s been tested to keep wearers cozy in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. Unlike many puffers, this one is totally vegan, and has a rubberized, water-repellent shell that means it won’t get soggy after being out in the snow. A bonus: the cheerful colour will inject a bit of warmth into even the dreariest of days.

A pair of practical snow boots, $185

Anyone whose winter involves icy walks with their dogs or building snowmen with their kids will love these tall snow boots, which come in this magnetic blue and a limited-edition storm camo print. They’re handcrafted, with a fleece lining and quilted nylon on top, and sturdy rubber to cover the feet. A drawstring at the top helps eliminate snow seepage, and an innovative tread means you can worry less about slipping on those dreaded hidden ice patches, and more about what to use for your snowman’s smile.

An insanely cozy puffer, $325

Hunter’s original long puffer should be a staple in any Torontonian’s closet—even self-proclaimed “winter people”. The new design is simple yet chic, while offering maximum coverage for the warmest winter vibes yet. It’s water-resistant, with soft vegan insulation and adjustable drawcords at the waist. A warning: you’ll probably be fielding looks of jealousy from chilly passersby whenever you wear it downtown.

A pair of wintery rubber boots, $150

Fans of Hunter’s original rainboots will love this hybrid Sherpa boot, which has the waterproofing of a rainboot and the insulation of a winter boot. There’s a mix of rubber and neoprene on the outside, and the inside is lined in fleece, with a thermal-insulated sole. The top rolls down for two different looks, depending on the weather (or your mood). They’re best worn in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius, and are perfect for those gray, slushy days after a snowfall.

A faux-fur boot sock, $35 

If your kids already have Hunter rainboots, you can adapt them to cooler temperatures by adding one of these cool faux-fur cuff socks. They consist of a fleece lining that inserts easily into the boot and a stylish faux-fur cuff that folds overtop, transforming it instantly into a new (much warmer) type of footwear your kids will be stoked about.

A super-durable parka, $475

This parka is packed with technical elements for guys who don’t mess around with winter. It’s totally waterproof (water will literally bead off of it) and fully insulated, with seam-sealed construction to make sure no moisture will ever penetrate its barriers. The hood is lined in fleece, with a faux-fur trim to block out the wind, while an additional membrane inside allows sweat to evaporate and leave you comfortably dry.

To see more of Hunter’s awesome winter collection, visit their Yorkdale flagship or browse online. 3401 Dufferin St., 647-800-7770, hunterboots.com.