Grey hair trend makes its way to Toronto

Grey hair trend makes its way to Toronto

Drew Barrymore's TIFF dye job (Photo by James Helmer)

We’ve been wondering when the grey hair trend would make its way from celebrities, teen bloggers and fashion runways to the streets of Toronto, and it seems that time has come.

Toronto junior stylist Mike Baronowski went from dark brown to a platinum-silver months ago to match his clients at Greg May Hair Architects in Yorkville. But Greg May, owner of the salon, has seen a serious increase in demand for all kinds of wacky shades.

“Unexpected colour, especially grey, is a huge trend all over Europe now. I have 15 per cent more clients here asking for silvers and streaks of colour in the salon,” he told us. “People are watching films like Avatar and are into Japanese anime—there’s an ’80s androgynous influence, with lots of undercutting and short looks for men and women.”

Drew Barrymore sported black tips on the end of her blond bob in Toronto during the film festival last September, and our own Rachel McAdams bucked the trend in 2007, attending film parties and premieres with fuchsia streaks. At the time, the look left beauty pundits perplexed. Coincidentally, perplexed is exactly how we feel about intentional grey hair.

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