Frustrated with the TTC? Blame it on the uniforms

Frustrated with the TTC? Blame it on the uniforms

Drab fab (Photo by Richard Eriksson)

Torontonians would agree that there are a lot of problems facing the TTC today. There’s the scandal-ridden commissioner, perpetual delays and napping attendants, to name a few, but there’s another pressing issue the TTC must deal with: the uniforms.

The current outfits, a mixture of drab grey, blue and maroon rolled out in 1994, have bad feng shui and are unflattering, according to the Toronto Sun, making workers “look pasty and puffy, especially if they work in a tunnel all day.” It’s even been suggested that the uniforms could be part of why so many TTC operators report post-traumatic stress disorder and why some of the city views the union with such contempt.

The solution: a new uniform of rocket red, “calming” white and “powerful” black. We’re skeptical that a makeover will prevent riders from complaining the next time they’re on a stalled train, but changing the outfits that have come to represent many a bad transit experience couldn’t hurt.

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