The FDCC announces that its fashion week will have a new ridiculous name (that we won’t use)

The FDCC announces that its fashion week will have a new ridiculous name (that we won’t use)

The Fashion Design Council of Canada convened Toronto’s media folk and fashion personalities at the Telus Centre for the Performing Arts for a “big announcement” last night. No, Robin Kay isn’t stepping down as president or anything that monumental—the FDCC has simply found a new partner in MasterCard. Toronto Fashion Week will now be presented by MasterCard, instead of previous sponsor LG, which worked with the FDCC for three years, spanning six seasons. Those hoping for a less convoluted title than LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris will be pleased to find that fashion week’s new official moniker, World MasterCard Fashion Week by the FDCC, just rolls off the tongue, to say nothing of its new Twitter handle (@WMCFashionWeek) and its not-at-all ridiculous hashtag #WMCFW (so much simpler than, say, #TFW).

Of course, this will be the last time we make any mention of the title sponsor, since The Goods makes a point of only referring to the event as Toronto Fashion Week. Why? Because that is actually what it is. World MasterCard Fashion Week also had some fun with the logo, omitting all vowels so it reads FSHN WK. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have time for luxuries like spelling, grammar or stinking vowels. Still, this is big news for the FDCC who, on a shoestring budget, puts on a bigger fashion week with every passing season. And, hey, if MasterCard wanted to hand out pre-paid credit cards as swag, we certainly wouldn’t object.

UPDATE: originally ran an image with the MasterCard logo removed from the Toronto Fashion Week design treatment. We have updated the post to reflect the proper treatment. We regret the error. (January 27, 2012 at 4:47 p.m.)


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