Everything you need to know about Toronto’s first generation of “Real Housewives”

Everything you need to know about Toronto’s first generation of “Real Housewives”

This month, the Real Housewives empire arrives in Toronto, bringing with it a high dosage of drama and décolletage. Just who are Hogtown’s mansion-dwelling, stiletto-sporting trophy wives? We found out.


Kara Alloway

CV: Former Allure editor.
Age: “Never!”
Marital status: Married 22 years to lawyer, realtor and builder Graham Alloway.
Progeny: Three sons.
Primary residence: Hoggs Hollow.
Secondary residence: Cottage in Muskoka.
Wheels: Mercedes ML63 AMG.
Fashion cred: Wore the Galliano newsprint dress before Sarah Jessica Parker.
Guilty pleasure: “Prank-calling my husband at work.”
Go-to spa treatment: “Facial Biologique Recherche on the Champs-Élysées. I swear you come out looking 10 years younger.”
Signature handbag: “A special-edition Birkin. I also buy a new Céline or Givenchy every season.”
Shoe count: 150 pairs.
Most impressive contacts on her phone: Kathy and Nicky Hilton.
Household employees: “A housekeeper who comes twice a week. I’m going to write a book called I Fired My Full-Time Housekeeper and Lost 15 Pounds.”
Veuve or Moët: “I’m a prosecco girl.”


Gregoriane Minot

CV: Actor, formerly in a Quebec sitcom. Most recent gig was a Ford commercial.
Age: 41.
Marital status: Married 20 years to Pierre Jutras, president of the Spoke Club.
Engagement ring: A princess cut diamond.
Progeny: One son, one daughter.
Primary residence: The Beach.
Wheels: Land Rover.
Memberships: Spoke Club.
Guilty pleasure: “A good poutine.”
Go-to spa treatment: “Turkish bath and massage at Hammam Spa.”
Hidden talent: “Braising meat.”
Celebrity idol: “Céline Dion. Everybody who knows me knows that.”
Recent getaway: “Turks and Caicos with my family for a week.”
Signature handbag: “A beautiful clutch by a local designer Anavi Designs.”
Household employees: Nanny.
Veuve or Moët: Veuve.


Ann Kaplan Mulholland

CV: CEO of iFinance Canada.
Age: 56.
Marital status: Married 15 years to plastic surgeon Stephen Muholland, her second husband.
Wedding ring: “I’ve gone up a carat each husband. My newest is 12.4 carats.”
Progeny: “Five boys, three girls, two step-daughters from my first marriage, and a girl from Ethiopia who has lived with us off and on for the last several years.”
Primary residence: Forest Hill.
Secondary residence: Vancouver condo.
Recent splurge: A $23,000 Zac Posen dress.
Celebrity idols: “Ellen DeGeneres, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey—the ones who give back.”
Recent getaway: Moscow for one day and Vienna for dinner. (She collected 250,000 Air Miles in 2016.)
Lapdog: A scraggly poodle, Emma.
Signature handbag: “Louis Vuitton. I have many.”
Nips and tucks: “Regular Botox and fillers. I have big lips, but they’re natural.”


Jana Webb

CV: Former travel TV show host, founder of a Joga business (“yoga for jocks”) with pro-athlete clients.
Age: “I’ve kept it a mystery.”
Marital status: “Divorced with a capital D.”
Progeny: One son.
Primary residence: The Beach.
Wheels: Range Rover.
Go-to spa treatment: “The best facials are in Japan.”
Celeb idol: “Madonna, because she knows how to reinvent herself.”
Recent getaway: “Hawaii, for the Pro-Am golf tournament. I stayed at the Four Seasons.”
Last time in a private plane: Last month.
Lapdog: “My English bulldog, Beach, just passed this year.”
Signature handbags: Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton.
Shoe count: 300 pairs of sneakers.
Nips and tucks: “Just do what makes you feel better.”


Roxy Earle

CV: Dress-sharing app founder, former exec at ad agency Ogilvy and Mather.
Age: “Proudly 33.”
Marital status: Married to Raghu “Rags” Kilambi, tech entrepreneur and banker.
Engagement ring: A six-carat radiant cut. “I didn’t say no, that’s for sure.”
Progeny: Two stepsons.
Primary residence: “The Yannex”—i.e., Yorkville/Annex.
Recent splurge: Two custom gowns by Ruslan Krachun for a total of $8,000.
Recent getaway: “My husband and I flew 16 friends to a 20,000-square-foot villa in Turks and Caicos for a week.”
Lapdog: “Lola Penelope Earle, a golden doodle with custom bows to match my outfits. If I ever have a baby, I’m going to get Lola a miniature version of herself.”
Motto: “Err on the side of fabulous.”
Signature handbag: “A Louis Vuitton I bought with the first bonus I ever got.”
Most impressive contact on her phone: Taraji P. Henson.
Veuve or Moët: “Neither. My favourite restaurant in Toronto, Los Colibris, has a red wine sangria named after me.”


Joan Kelley-Walker

CV: Producer, writer and host of celebrity interview show Red Carpet Diary.
Age: “Age is an irrelevant number.”
Marital status: Married 17 years to Don Walker, CEO of Magna (and Belinda Stronach’s ex-husband).
Progeny: Two sons, one stepson and one stepdaughter.
Primary residence: King City.
Secondary residences: A pied-à-terre in Toronto, cottage in Muskoka, chalet in Colorado and retreat in Florida.
Celeb idol: “Ellen DeGeneres. She’s positive, generous and makes people happy.”
Lap pets: Hunter, a lab; Beau, a German shepherd; and cats Bandit and Smokey.
Signature handbag: “A limited-edition silver Chanel, which was less than $4,000. I refuse to spend $50,000 on a purse.”
Shoe count: “About 50 pairs of heels.”
Household employees: House manager, nanny, cleaner, cottage maintenance staff.
Veuve or Moët: “Veuve. I like the size of the bubbles.”
Nips and tucks: “Botox is part of grooming. It’s how modern women treat themselves.”