We Tested the Endy Mattress: Here’s Why It’s the Best on the Market

We Tested the Endy Mattress: Here’s Why It’s the Best on the Market

As anyone who’s ever stared at the ceiling into the early hours of the morning can attest to, there’s really nothing worse than not being able to get your best sleep. Instead of investing in fancy sound machines or , try switching up your mattress. These days, there’s almost an overwhelming number of options for those looking for the ultimate slumber. Endy is a Canadian brand with a very relatable rallying cry: all Canadians deserve a better night’s sleep. We tested their award-winning Endy mattress to see if it lived up to the hype. Here’s what we discovered: 

It’s insanely comfortable. When it comes to the most important part about a mattress—whether it’s actually comfortable or not—it’s obvious that the Endy mattress was the product of extensive lab testing. The firmness is ideal (we found it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support) and high-tech layers of foam evenly distribute pressure across your body, so there’s never any risk of waking up in the morning with a sore lower back or neck. Plus, we found there was zero motion transfer (in other words, if your partner gets up in the middle of the night, you’ll barely feel it). 

It stays cool, no matter what. There’s a reason why it’s way harder to sleep in the summertime. For most people, cool temperatures are vital for the kind of deep, cozy slumber that has you waking up feeling fully refreshed. Endy’s mattress doesn’t absorb body heat like other mattresses, and it remains cool to the touch all night long. The top layer is made from open-air cell foam, which is like memory foam but with way better airflow and responsiveness. This means it’s not affected by outside temperatures and will remain the same firmness—even if it’s 100 degrees out or you’re bedridden with the flu and spending the day watching Netflix. 

From purchasing to washing, every step is convenient. Endy’s signature boxes make ordering a mattress as easy as a takeout meal. There’s something amazing about being able to hoist a king-size mattress up three flights of stairs without having to enlist the help of your neighbour or uncle. It’s all due to the innovative design: an Endy mattress is compressed, rolled, packaged and shipped in a recyclable box that’s no bigger than a hockey bag. Neat freaks will love that the mattress is way easier to keep clean than most, thanks to a micro-quilted cover that’s removable and machine washable. 

It’s the healthiest and most socially conscious option. Torontonians who care about the less fortunate and the ingredients they put into their body will appreciate the work Endy does. First, the mattresses are totally hypoallergenic. The foam is certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning you can trust it’s made from the safest ingredients possible (and free of things like formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury and lead). Being mostly an e-commerce company, Endy has a lower environmental footprint than most retailers, using bike couriers and electric vehicles whenever possible. Endy also works with a variety of charitable partners to donate any mattresses that don’t make it past the 100-night trial. So far, they’ve donated more than 5,500 mattresses to people in need (stacked, that’s more than twice the height of the CN Tower!). 

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We've teamed up with @endy for 2018 in the hopes of loving our sleep again and even Gatsby is trying to claim a new mattress! The holiday season really took a toll on our family with germs & repeat colds (you too right?) and we realized just how bad our sleep was getting even though we had just invested in a new mattress. So, we decided it was time to give a Canadian mattress brand a try, stay tuned for our full 100 night sleep trial for the entire family! Every customer gets a 100 night trial risk free when they purchase an #ENDY mattress, have you tried one yet? They even have their own pillows too!! I fell asleep while putting Ella to bed tonight on her new mattress and honestly, I didn't want to get up!! So, so comfy. Check out my stories for some unboxing fun! 💭💤😘😘 #partner #endysleep #lovesleep #madeincanada 📸: @jess_denischuck #bonjourblisshome

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The brand is Canadian through and through. The company was founded by a couple of Calgary entrepreneurs in 2015, and Canadiana is a big part of the company’s culture. They walk the talk, too, manufacturing all their mattresses in Canada rather than choosing cheaper overseas options, and they ship only within Canada. Being friendly Canucks, they even let customers sleep on their mattress for 100 nights to make sure it’s the right fit. If you don’t like it, they’ll come pick it up and grant you a full refund. Any questions or concerns are easily addressed with a customer support service that’s available around the clock.

Endy has more than 100,000 fans (including some pretty prominent ones). If you don’t believe our experience, trust the massive following the brand is garnering. So far, they’ve sold more than 100,000 mattresses to happy customers. José Bautista was such a huge advocate of the brand when they were starting out that he invested in the company. Hal and Joanne of Body Break fame and Jann Arden have come on as partners, and a peek at their Instagram reveals an endless stream of influencers raving about their new mattresses. 

Best of all: it’s affordable! Quality mattresses can run people thousands of dollars these days. An Endy mattress starts at just $675—it’s as comfortable as a Tempur-Pedic at a fraction of the price. Endy has partnered with Urban Barns across the country, so anyone thinking about making a purchase can stop by and have a quick nap to test it out.

For more information, visit endy.com.