UPDATED: Drake’s limited-edition Nike sneakers are going for $100,000 on eBay

UPDATED: Drake’s limited-edition Nike sneakers are going for $100,000 on eBay

(Image: eBay)

Apparently, anything Drake touches turns to gold—or at least salable merchandise. At Saturday’s “Drake Night” Raptors game at the ACC, the city’s ruling rap star (and Raptors “global ambassador”) bestowed gifts upon the assembled masses: 20,000 long-sleeved tees for the crowd and, for two extremely lucky plebes, a pair of as-yet-unreleased OVO Air Jordan kicks, designed by Drake in collaboration with Nike.

As previously reported, the free shirts are currently being hocked on Craigslist for up to $300. Now a pair of shoes is also up for grabs—for a cool hundred Gs. The Toronto Star reports that the sneakers were posted to eBay with a suggested starting bid of $300, which quickly snowballed to preposterous levels over the course of a few days and 153 subsequent bids. (With four days left on the auction, there’s still plenty of time for the price tag to climb even higher.) The lesson from all this, obviously, is clear: if you’re looking for a foolproof retirement plan, just get Drake to touch all your stuff.

UPDATE: It appears that Drake’s golden touch isn’t quite as powerful as it seemed. Canadian music site Aux followed up with Devon Little, one of the two Torontonians who placed the coveted sneakers on eBay and quickly drew six-digit bids. Little claimed that despite all the hoopla the shoes attracted (including interview requests from CTV and the Toronto Star and a personal telephone call from the head honcho at eBay Canada), the sky-high bids for the shoes were just a hoax.

“We started cancelling bids because obviously people were just trolling and wanted to be a part of this thing,” Little told Aux. He got in touch with the woman who won the second pair of shoes and found that her high bidders had also failed to follow through. “It was all hype,” Little said. “The market was never real.” The public’s rabid interest in the story, on the other hand, was legitand so alarming that it prompted Little to move the shoes to a safe box out of town. “I didn’t feel comfortable with the shoes in my house,” he said.