Do the Hustle! Pink Tartan’s bringing disco back

Do the Hustle! Pink Tartan's bringing disco back

Kimberley Newport-Mimran took her Pink Tartan line solo last night (it is usually held in conjunction with her husband’s Joe Fresh show), injecting bold colours (tangerine, chartreuse, royal blue) not seen in recent collections. It looked like Newport-Mimran was in a Studio 54 state of mind when she put pen to sketch pad. Elements from the ’70s were everywhere: hot pink jumpsuits, oversized blazers and gorgeous wide-legged tuxedo pants in shimmery black satin. Even the shoes, teeteringly high wooden platforms, screamed Farrah Fawcett glam. Sure, the slinky one-shoulder dresses, one in a candy-striper print, were a little Halston Heritage, but the collection was strong—the designer made green booty shorts and yellow straw hats look sophisticated. If Pink Tartan’s interpretation is what it means to have the ’70s back, we say bring on the disco naps.

See the full collection in the slide show >>

Is that Donna Summer we hear? (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)


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