Designers cut ribbon for Yorkville’s newest boutique, Eleven

Designers cut ribbon for Yorkville’s newest boutique, Eleven

A group of almost identical 20-somethings dressed in miniskirts and heels gathered around the red carpet that was laid out on Friday, eagerly anticipating a shopping excursion at Yorkville’s newest boutique, Eleven.

How many designers does it take to cut a ribbon? Le, Lundström and Caoc at the opening of Eleven (Photo by Karon Liu)

On hand to cut the ribbon of the women’s boutique (it’s been open for two weeks) were the three Canadian designers whose collections populate the store: Joeffer Caoc, Thien Le and Linda Lundström, who’s also the chief creative officer of Eleventh Floor Apparel, the company behind Eleven. The ground floor, formerly inhabited by RK, is filled with the Caoc and Lundström ready-to-wear creations, divided by a jewellery case of accessories by international designers. To the left, Caoc’s stretch jersey tops ($184) await those who can pull off body-hugging silhouettes. And on the right are Lundström’s ladies-who-lunch looks. Linen pantsuits and a cute, off-white, translucent sleeveless dress with a mini-square print and a long sash ($389) are standouts. It’s no wonder the owners had the chutzpah to set up shop at a time when retail sales are lower than a Versace neckline: most of the pieces cost between $200 and $400—which, by Yorkville standards, is a steal.

The stairs leading to the second floor mark the end of prêt-a-porter and the beginning of haute. Le is helping shoppers zip up and tie the ribbons on his dresses, which start at $2,500. A knee-length sleeveless dress with red floral embroidery, named Michelle, is no doubt an homage to the first lady. Those who have a red carpet to traipse down—or dream of—can salivate over Le’s masterpiece: a $35,000 ruby silk gown that store manager Marsha Nisky calls “the origami dress.” Le lifts up the skirt on the mannequin to show its intricate pleating, which he proudly says took four weeks to complete.

One woman exploded with giddiness when she tried on a $3,500 black lace and lime green strapless number that channelled Madonna’s ’80s Material Girl heyday.

“I want seven of them!” she exclaimed.

Her husband’s eyes widened as he nudged her back into the fitting room and turned to Le. “No money for you!” he said, pointing at Le.

Perhaps she should have tried on something on the first floor.

Eleven, 116 Cumberland St., 416-966-3935.