Designer Andy Thê-Anh lands on his feet at Lolë

Designer Andy Thê-Anh lands on his feet at Lolë

Andy Thê-Anh at his Toronto fashion week show last April (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)

When Andy Thê-Anh closed up shop in December after his financial backers pulled out, no one was sure what the next move would be for the Canadian designer or what would become of his eponymous line. He has now signed on as chief designer with Lolë, a Quebec-based activewear company. The move signals a dramatic change for Thê-Anh, whose swishy (and expensive) cocktail dresses were coveted among the Holts set. Lolë’s clothes, meanwhile, sell for around $400 and under and focus on such basics as tunics and yoga pants. The Gazette reports:

Company president Bernard Mariette said Thê-Anh would complement the design team with his international outlook on fashion. He compared Thê-Anh’s challenge to that of Stella McCartney, who does her own prêt-à-porter line and designs active wear for Adidas.

It’ll be hard to get the ladies who lunch excited about wrap sweaters and reversible dresses, but if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Thê-Anh.

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