The most adorable families at Field Trip

The most adorable families at Field Trip

Five years in, Field Trip has officially cemented its reputation as the city’s most family-friendly music festival. This past weekend, headliners like Feist, Phoenix and Broken Social Scene ensured grown-ups were in heaven, while ample kiddie activities (hula hoops, bubble machines, bouncy castles) made it easy to entertain offspring. Here, some snaps of the weekend’s cutest pint-sized attendees and their hip parents.

She’s clearly deep in thought analyzing Feist’s complex harmonies:

Baby G's first music festival (outside of the womb…)

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In her natural habitat:

Ready for day 1 #fieldtriplife

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She only listens to indie radio:

This kid was born to festival

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Kids are selfie pros these days:

Me and my Rhys ❤️

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Baby fedoras are infinitely more acceptable than grown-man fedoras:

Reid @ Matt Mays, constantly seeking balloons ??#tetalife #fieldtrip2017 #fieldtriplife

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She looks like she truly belongs here:

The Remedios family’s colour coordination game is strong:

A perfect weekend at a perfect festival ❤️❤️ Thank you #FieldTripLife @artsandcrafts @fieldtriplife

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These two junior field-trippers are probably more important than you:

Thanks @4theloveoffood for the "Super VIP" backstage access. Best birthday present EVER!!! #fieldtrip #fieldtriplife

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The best festival accessories are cute shades and a cool treat:

Pre-birthday hangs with my favourite Gemini & Virgo ?#fieldtriplife #geminiseason #millenialpink

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This stylish toddler looked down on regular attendees from behind the VIP fence:

The rain and mud were no big deal for those who dressed appropriately:

I didn't get dressed up fo' nuthin! #fieldtripto

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This guy’s tired of all the paparazzi attention:

A denim romper and Adidas kicks make a very fashionable festival look:

A little break from the rain #fieldtriplife

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Those are some serious hula-hooping skills for a child:

Live action #hulahooping #whatmadeyouhappytoday

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Even the tatted-up kids get tired:

Field Tripping.

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This guy got to hang with Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew:

Kai rocking out with Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene at #fieldtrip2017 #coolkids #brokensocialscene

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Introducing Field Trip 2030’s headliner:

#fieldtripping with #river

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The little ones always seem to get the best views:

Murks at Field Trip.

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The hashtag says it all:

The great Field Trip "let's bring the kids" experiment #nextyearwearegettingasitter

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Apparently, you can get away with standing on white couches in rubber boots if you’re this cute:

#indie88 little fan

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Bringing kids along is easy. Making sure they don’t run away is a little tougher:

#fieldtriplife day one. See you soon, day two.

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Maddy looks like she prefers mommy over Brendan Canning:

Noise-cancelling headphones were this year’s hottest accessory for the under-10 set:

…festivals! #fieldtriplife

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This graphic pair is particularly cool:

More of a Monkey Bunch than a Timbre Timbre kind of guy. Me I mean @jana.rai #FieldTripTO

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This kid’s well on his way to Instagram-model status:

I wanna eat fruit, then a hot dog and then stay for all of @feistmusic. #fieldtriplife

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She knows a good Insta shot is all about the props:

Rock show, year 3 #fieldtriplife

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Flower crowns are way less obnoxious on kids:

When chalkboards are more entertaining than bands:

Knox does #fieldtripto Sunday edition

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Like most adults, this kid looks super-content to be lounging on the grass with a fresh lemonade:

Field Trip

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She’s got the best seat and she knows it:

Best seat in the house right there #7feettall #fielldtrippers #fieldtriplife #fieldtripfamilies

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