10 fashionable members of Toronto’s Twitterati

10 fashionable members of Toronto’s Twitterati

Toronto designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran (Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani)

For people who have been living under a rock for the past year, there’s a social networking site called Twitter, and it provides a window into the lives of strangers and celebrities, 140 characters at a time. Though most tweets are as exciting as a grey V-neck sweater, members of Toronto’s fashion industry keep things vibrant with glimpses into their lives beyond the runway, in some cases giving the heads-up on upcoming sales. Here are 10 to follow in 2010.

Who: Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong of Greta Constantine
Topics covered: Upcoming shows, collection updates, cute updates from the office
Recent tweet: Everyone in the studio have become yoga maniacs! Soon we’ll be designing Greta Constantine yoga mats. Check them out at 889 Yonge
Bonus: Tweets on upcoming sample sales
Follow: @gretconstantine

Who: Supermodel and super-blogger Coco Rocha
Topics covered: Amusing photos of Coco’s travels and her dog, juxtaposed tweets about modelling around the world and doing chores at home, amusing press clippings
Recent tweet: My first task of the new decade: clean my room
Bonus: She always tweets back to fans, and her blog is updated frequently
Follow: @Oh_So_Coco

Who: Tastemaker and fashion fixture Jeanne Beker
Topics covered: Interviews with celebrities, live tweets from exclusive bashes, updates about Canadian designers
Recent tweet: Just interviewed James Franco’s gorgeous granny, who has an amazing Japanese art collection
Bonus: Follow her to find out where the rich and famous are partying in Toronto
Follow: @Jeanne_Beker

Who: Flare editor-in-chief Lisa Tant
Topics covered: Industry news and gossip, film recommendations, inside look at producing a magazine
Recent tweet: Caryn Lerner is replaced at Holt Renfrew by Mark Derbyshire, who comes from the holding company’s head office. More big changes to come?
Bonus: She’s proof that not all fashion editors are like Miranda Priestly
Follow: @LisaTant

Who: Model agency owner and diversity spokesman Ben Barry
Topics covered: Body image, self-acceptance, re-tweets promoting non-cookie-cutter models
Recent tweet: If we really want fashion to change and not to pacify us with one-off gimmicky shoots, we need to force change by voting with our wallets.
Bonus: It’s like having a life coach on your feed
Follow: @benbarryagency

Who: Menswear designer and newbie tweeter Philip Sparks
Topics covered: Upcoming promotions and sales, photos of Sparks working in the studio
Recent tweet: Not a message, but a rather badass photo of Sparks cutting patterns while dressed like a turn-of-the-century steelworker
Bonus: Did we mention the sales?
Follow: @philipsparks

Who: Pink Tartan designer and globetrotter Kimberley Newport-Mimran
Topics covered: Jet-setting between fashion capitals, castings, photo shoots, motherhood
Recent tweet: Cool night in Palm Beach, flying home tomorrow. Hoping I will see lots of product when I get back
Bonus: Trying to guess which city she’ll be in next week
Follow: @kimnewport

Who: Star reporter and reporter for The Star Derick Chetty
Topics covered: Fashion and celebrity news, reports from the runways, celebrity sightings at parties
Recent tweet: Dude, your nipples are peeping out your sweater. Rodarte launches “Brodarte”—cobwebby sweaters for men http://tinyurl.com/ycmmtdn
Bonus: His biting wit accompanies every tweet
Follow: @DerickChetty

Who: Party dress maker and bustier lover Ashley Rowe
Topics covered: Sample sales, collection previews, succinct one-word updates
Recent tweet: Home. Blackberry on for the first time in a month. 284 e-mails, 109 FB, and counting.
Bonus: Non-jaded updates from a young designer who goes giddy every time she sees someone wearing her stuff
Follow: @ashleyrowe

Who: Synthpoppers and fashion bloggers Fritz Helder and the Phantoms
Topics covered: Upcoming shows, random fist-pumping words of wisdom
Recent tweet: Adam Lambert you don’t speak for all gays
Bonus: Trying to decipher their tweets
Follow: @fhtp

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