The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide

The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide

On Sunday, June 17, Instagram will be flooded with retro dad pics combined with adoring captions that—let’s face it—most dads will never even see. Instead of waiting until that first moustachioed shot pops up on your feed to hastily put together your own post, we recommend shelling out for a more tangible token of your appreciation. Here, 15 gifts that will mean way more to him than a hashtag and a heart emoji.

An indoor basketball hoop, $30

Ikea’s latest collection, SPÄNST, is a collaboration between LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp and freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec. It carries edgy accessories like black hoodies, skateboard racks and DJ-approved desks. This simple hoop is designed to fit perfectly over doors and wardrobes, and is perfect for any dads who want to work on their aim.


A simple cookbook, $19

If dads are known for one meal, it’s likely Sunday breakfast. This book from chef Michael Zee is inspired by his popular Instagram account, which documents his delightfully symmetrical breakfasts for two. It contains 90 internationally inspired morning recipes—with a few extra tips on presentation, of course.


A fancy racing experience, $495 per person

Porsches are lovely, but pretty darn pricey. The next best thing to owning one? Racing one. Until September, Porsche Canada is offering half-day track experiences at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, where dad can practice his driving skills in a 911 Carerra S or a 718 Cayman S.


Summery trunks, $95

Until June 10, Toronto brand Bather Trunk is hosting a very cool pop-up in a shipping container at 146 Ossington, where you can buy your pops all manner of funky swim shorts. The brand’s bold patterns, like this pastel-hued sailboat print, and modern cuts (that aren’t too short) are guaranteed to vastly improve his current collection of Speedos.


Strange sweets

Sweet Addictions Candy Company on Dundas West is chock full of unusual treats that will tickle any sweet-toothed dad’s fancy. Filling a custom grab bag with things like orange-flavoured Kit Kats, crab-spiced Lay’s chips or raspberry M&Ms is likely to be a sweet experience for you both.


An intrepid backpack, $88

Dad probably won’t tote this Roots pack into the office every day, but the vibe will likely conjure some summer-camp nostalgia, and the durable cotton canvas means it will come in handy on that fishing trip or leisurely Saturday hike.


An elegant magazine rack, $50

If dad has a habit of strewing his subscriptions all over the house, this stylish magazine rack from Structube is an understated, artsy solution.


Sandals that aren’t hideous, $35

When it comes to summer footwear, dads seem to have a penchant for velcro and buckles. These Native Shoes slides are a little sleeker, but still super-comfy and durable (and they won’t make him a street-style laughing stock).


A cold brew coffee maker, $100

This machine from Kitchen Aid lets dads enjoy top-notch cold brew without leaving their kitchen. He simply has to mix two ounces of coffee concentrate with six ounces of milk, water or ice, to brew 28 ounces of chilled coffee that stays fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks.


A rugged hat, $300

Ultra-manly brands Filson and Stetson are regular collaborators, and this brimmed hat is their latest project. It’s made of 100 per cent rabbit fur, comes with a lifetime warranty—and will probably make dad feel like Ed Harris in Westworld.


A beer can chicken roaster, $10

This stainless steel device from Canadian Tire was designed to be used in a barbecue, paired with a beer can and a whole chicken. Stuffing the bird with your brew of choice infuses some of the beer’s flavour and moisture into the chicken while it’s roasting. We can’t imagine a more quintessentially dad way to cook.


A vintage camera, $550

In the age when people flock to iPhone-shot photography exhibits, there’s something nostalgic about a vintage camera. This is the original version of the SX-70 series, which was manufactured in 1972 and is ideal for outdoor snapshots. You can grab one for your picture-taking pops at Holt Renfrew.


A high-tech fridge, $1,465

This portable fridge-slash-freezer from MEC will seriously upgrade any camping adventures your dad has planned. It has two interior compartments and runs off an efficient compressor cooling system that adjusts as low as -22 degrees. It also comes with WiFi and a built-in USB port for charging your phone.


A purifying scrub, $40

Unless your dad already follows an intense 10-step skincare regimen, it’s likely he could use a little help in that department. Schaf is a gender-neutral Toronto-based brand that’s made with natural ingredients and irritant-free. The scrub contains hyaluronic acid for hydration, and biodegradable lava powder and bamboo beads for exfoliation. It’s the perfect pre-shave prep.


A very motivational book, $21

The Four Year Olympian tells the story of Cobourg native and young father Jeremiah Brown, who went from novice rower to Olympic silver medalist in just four years. It’s a raw and inspiring tale of struggle, dedication and teamwork—one that will remind dad that anything is possible (even if the ankle-biters keep getting in the way).