The best holiday gifts for fashion plates

The best holiday gifts for fashion plates

Including a statement headband, a stylish maternity bralette and an absurdly impractical puffer coat

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A velvet headband from Simons

Velvet headband

In the era of stealth wealth and Barbiecore femininity, headbands—as sported by celeb fans including Jennifer Lawrence, Cardi B and Dame Helen Mirren—are the accessory du jour. Opt for a velvet or holiday-flavoured take on the classic. $9

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NYX's Fat Oil Lip Drip

Lip oil

Infused with cloudberry oil, raspberry oil and squalene, NYX’s miraculously un-sticky Fat Oil Lip Drip is a budget dupe for Dior’s pricier version. Approved by beauty editors, beauty TikTokers and Amazon shoppers alike, it was the number-one beauty release on Amazon for several weeks earlier this year. $14

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A dusty green puffy vest, in a kids size, by Joe Fresh

A vest that does best

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society teamed up with Joe Fresh to create a capsule collection inspired by our country’s great outdoors. (And if there’s one thing we have a lot of, it’s outdoors.) A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. $29

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RiRi maternity wear

RiRi maternity wear

Rihanna knows how to give us what we want (unless it’s new music). The world’s most stylish mom and pregnant person released a capsule collection of lace and cotton maternity bralettes, and they’re just as fabulous as you’d expect. From $62

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A pair of green and blue crocs with Margaritaville-inspired jibbitz

Margaritaville Crocs

Parrot heads will flock to these limited-edition Crocs, which are customizable with tropical charms like ice cubes, a lime wedge, a long-lost shaker of salt and—lest you think this footwear is entirely impractical—a working bottle opener. $70

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A child-size Pokoloko robe with red and white stripes and a hood

Kids’ robe

The team behind Pokoloko is passionate about sourcing beautifully handcrafted goods from artisans around the world, like this crinkle robe for toddlers, which is made from the softest Turkish cotton muslin. $79

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I am Kenough sweatshirt

“I am Kenough” sweatshirt

If your job is beach and you lost interest in the patriarchy after finding out it wasn’t about horses, Mattel has a sweatshirt for you. $88

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Spread Love basketball shorts

Mesh shorts

Make a statement with these classic-with-a-twist mesh basketball shorts by local line Spread Love. Jason Faulknor, an educator and a former North Toronto Husky, founded the brand nearly a decade ago to send a message he could get behind. $90

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Mejuri pearl earrings

Pearl earrings

Ariana Grande served a preppy Wimbledon look that went viral earlier this year, with the internet losing its mind over her outfit, which included a pair of Mejuri’s pearl hoops. (Well, her outfit and the fact that she was seated next to Andrew Garfield.) $128

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FWD Women's Push PrimaLoft Jacket

FWD Women’s Push PrimaLoft Jacket

With innovative design and sustainably constructed PrimaLoft insulation, this warm fusion jacket is a cold-season staple and a must-have for those with active winter lifestyles. Exceptionally practical with a secure back pocket and packable hood, suit up in the warmest winter essential that’s bright with reflective details for late and post-work jogs. $129.99

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Fjällräven flannel

Cordyceps-proof shirt

As seen on both Pedro Pascal and Murray Bartlett in The Last of Us, this Fjällräven flannel will get you through the winter (or the fungus apocalypse). It has a generous fit, so size down if you’re not carrying as much emotional baggage as Joel. $140

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The Note to Self hoodie from Peace Collective.

Affirming sweatsuit

Slinking around in sweats has never been as good for your mental health—or as socially acceptable (let’s hear it for the hybrid workers). Be the bearer of positive affirmations in the Peace Collective’s Note to Self hoodie and sweatpants. One per cent of each purchase goes to mental health research. $146 for both pieces

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Mondo Mondo cowboy hat stud earrings

Stud earrings

Pedro Almodóvar’s new gay western, Strange Way of Life, starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, is making us fall in love with cowboys again. Get in on the fun with these sterling silver stud earrings by Mondo Mondo. $150

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Birks got a full-on Barbie bump, with skyrocketing searches for the unapologetically orthopedic sandal following the movie’s release. Now we know that giving the gift of foot health is basically the same as giving the gift of knowing the truth about the universe. Great for some cousins! $170

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Roots Toronto sweatshirt

Toronto sweatshirt

Show some hometown hubris with this crew-neck sweatshirt from Roots’ gender-free Local line. Made from a soft and smooth French terry blend in a relaxed cut with a throwback design, it’s as cozy as it is Toronto-centric. $198

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Longchamp’s Le Pliage bag

Tote bag

Trudging across a snowy campus, enduring back-to-back meetings or island-hopping in Greece: Longchamp’s Le Pliage bag, made with sturdy nylon and impeccable leather straps, is designed to go the distance. $200

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Rosa Rugosa, Matty Matheson’s line of locally made workwear

Made-in-Parkdale workwear

Rosa Rugosa, Matty Matheson’s line of locally made workwear, is designed to fit a wide range of bodies (shirts go up to XXXXL) and made from a hard-working twill poly-cotton blend. $193

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Toronto-based Anishinaabe artist and designer Lesley Hampton makes size-inclusive fashion like this below-the-knee skirt, a made-to-order riot of colour and pleats

Yes, pleats

Toronto-based Anishinaabe artist and designer Lesley Hampton makes size-inclusive fashion like this below-the-knee skirt, a made-to-order riot of colour and pleats. $250

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A lined robe

Lined robe

This full-length water- and windproof change robe is the perfect accessory for cold-water plunges, the frosty pandemic-era wellness trend. A gift for that friend who just won’t stop talking about their New Year’s Day polar bear plunge. $272

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Reformation x Veja sneakers

A feet of bioengineering

American fashion brand Reformation and French footwear fave Veja teamed up to create this chunky-soled sneaker that’s trendy and practical. These highly cushioned shoes are made from materials including organic cotton and sugarcane. $270

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Quilted shorts by Ontario-based outerwear brand Nobis

Quilted shorts

Everyone knows a guy who would wear shorts all year long if he could. These insulated, water-resistant quilted shorts by Ontario-based outerwear brand Nobis sets those calves free. And they have pockets! $395

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The Big Red Boots

Big red boots

Remember these? Brooklyn art collective MSCHF has been behind several art world–shaking drops, including Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes and the Big Red Boots, which immediately took over TikTok when they were released last February. $482

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Luxurious ribbed knit panties by Miu Miu

No pants, no problem

No pants are the new pants, according to celebs like Hailey Bieber, Julia Fox and Bella Hadid. These luxurious ribbed knit panties by Miu Miu are so understated they’re almost not even there (except they are and they cost a lot). $792

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Winter jumpsuit

We’re always looking for an excuse to don a onesie. Designed in Toronto by Dinah Luxton, this quilted romper is made of recycled materials and a plant-based insulating fill. $950.

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Fendi shearling mules

Shearling mules

Can you imagine anything comfier and cozier than Fendi’s made-in-Italy, shearling-lined suede mules? They’re just like Birkenstocks, only for the hedonistic, “fuck-you money” set. $1,588

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Burberry tote

Ludicrously capacious bag

For the shamelessly social-climbing plus-one on your list, this Burberry tote—made infamous by an iconic Tom Wambsgans take-down—is monstrous enough to carry, say, flat shoes, a lunch pale and other necessities of the schlepping classes. $2,490

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Moncler coat by Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli

Ballgown puffer coat

And just like that, Carrie Bradshaw made another ridiculously impractical sartorial choice seem like the only viable option. In season two of the Sex and the City spin-off, it was a supersized 2019 Moncler coat by Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli—because of course it was. $16,680

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