The best barbecue gear to buy this summer

The best barbecue gear to buy this summer

An electric grill for balconies, an app-connected meat thermometer and other highly rated essentials

Get ready for long-weekend barbecues and other summer grilling occasions with these stylish, innovative barbecue and outdoor cooking accessorie designed to help you achieve your pitmaster goals.

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Available in regular and compact sizes and several fashionable colours, Weber’s new Lumin electric grill is designed for outdoor use—even in the rain. It gets hot enough for good sear marks but can also be used to keep food warm after you’re done cooking. $669,

If you’ve always wanted a Big Green Egg but have limited outdoor space, consider this small original kit that can fit four burgers or two steaks at a time. If you live in or near Toronto, Dickson Barbeque Centre will even deliver and assemble it for you. $1,299,

Use this Grill Daddy cleaning brush to scrub and steam-clean your grill between cookouts. It features both a scraper and a stainless-steel bristle brush, and you can control the amount of water that’s released during cleaning. $144.95,

This wireless smart thermometer can be used indoors and outdoors in tandem with the Meater app to help you prevent overcooking your meats. It measures both internal and ambient temperatures, and it can be connected to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. $119.95,

Add this handy basket to your barbecue’s rotisserie rod and cook anything from fries to small vegetables with ease. Made with food-grade stainless steel, this roomy, easy-to-clean basket is more than 18 inches wide when assembled. $84.99,

These pretty, 12-inch locking tongs from Toronto retailer Hopson Grace can be used for cooking or informal outdoor serving. They’re made with stainless steel and feature an aluminum core. $50,

Handle hot items with ease with these flexible, fully waterproof Grill Armor gloves. Made with food-grade neoprene rubber and a cotton liner, they’ll protect your hands and wrists from temperatures as high as 500 degrees Celsius. $29.99,

This stunning four-piece set—convenient for barbecues, camping and more—comes with a honesuki boning knife, a gokujo boning and fillet knife, a brisket knife and a knife roll for easy storage and transportation. The deluxe steel and pakkawood knives are made in Japan. $709.95,

Burger enthusiasts will adore this three-piece kit, which includes a round burger press, a grill spatula and a dredge shaker for easy seasoning. Made with food-grade stainless steel, these specialty accessories are rustproof and made to last. $92.41,

Handmade to order in Quebec by blacksmith Rémi Bédard of Strobus Forge, these 12-inch-long, double-prong barbecue skewers are durable and stylish enough to place on the table with your serving platters. $55,

This cast iron grill basket by Lodge can hold small meats and veggies on the barbecue or stand in as a sauté pan. It comes pre-seasoned for easy use. $71.33,

Scrub Daddy’s versatile tool comes with a foam core and steel mesh scrubbing head, scraper, bottle opener and a grate lifter that doubles as a storage hook. You just need to dip the head in cold water before using it to scrub down a preheated grill. $95,

This compact, gas-powered Ooni Koda pizza oven comes ready to use and takes just 15 minutes to heat up. Then you’ll be able to cook a 12-inch pizza in your backyard in about 60 seconds. $519.99,

A press can be used on your barbecue or stove for evenly cooked steaks, burgers and even sandwiches—plus you’ll get great grill marks. This highly rated cast iron option comes with an easy-to-grip wooden handle. $31.99,

This slotted griddle spatula is great for flipping fish, eggs, pancakes and more, particularly when you’re doing some flat-top grilling. Made with stainless steel, it’s durable and dishwasher safe. $13.49,

Made with a heavyweight canvas, this bib apron comes with adjustable neck and waist closures for a perfect fit. The openings of the deep, functional patch pockets are reinforced with rivets for extra durability. $29.99,

This popular, portable and easy-to-use Ninja electric grill also doubles as a barbecue smoker and air fryer. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to be stored outside year-round. $418.98,

If you’ve ever lost an asparagus or shrimp to the grill grates, you’ll appreciate this set of rectangular grids from Crate & Barrel. The carbon-steel grids come in two sizes, with a non-stick coating that’s easy to clean. $44.95,

Caron & Doucet’s plant-based, food-contact-safe barbecue cleaning oil, created with a blend of coconut and essential oils, is made in Canada. Spray on grill grates and tools to degrease and clean them more easily. $19,

This is an adorable option if you want a no-frills thermometer that can tell you the internal temperature of a steak quickly and accurately. Available in a variety of colours, it features a backlit display and takes about five seconds to work. $40,