This new online boutique offers same-day bicycle delivery throughout the GTA

This new online boutique offers same-day bicycle delivery throughout the GTA

(Image: Urbane Conviction/screenshot)

Urbane Conviction is a new online shopping site from a group of U of T students and recent grads. Like other e-boutiques, it sells cute clothes and accessories. Unlike other shops, it promises nearly immediate gratification—orders placed before 2 p.m. can be delivered anywhere in the GTA in just a few hours, providing potential solutions to countless midday outfit emergencies (coffee spills, split seams, etc.).

Style-wise, it’s a nice mix of casual wear and trendy statement pieces for men and women. Unfortunately, most of the clothes on the site only come in relatively tiny sizes, which rules out a whole-outfit swap for anyone larger than a size six. That said, there are plenty of adorable accessories that don’t discriminate, like these transparent sunnies ($32). Prices are totally affordable, and shoppers can easily put an entire look together for under $100. We particularly like this blue-and-white patterned sundress for summer ($49).

For busy Torontonians, the delivery service is quick and simple. We ordered an oversized tweed clutch ($23) to sport to fancy after-work drinks, and within three hours the item arrived at the office wrapped in brown paper and tied with string—very eco-chic. The purse itself was cute, but not quite as cute as it looked online (on the website, it looked black-and-white, but in person there was an unexpected metallic sheen). For an inexpensive item, though, it did the trick and even received a few compliments. Anyone looking for a stylish way to quickly revamp an outfit will certainly be pleased.

Urbane Conviction,