Octave Vista mattress review: A great buy for a great night’s sleep

Octave Vista mattress review: A great buy for a great night’s sleep

My review of the Octave Vista mattress, a memory foam mattress with advanced cooling technology

Once, we were a family of champion sleepers. There were the semi-sleepless baby years with our two kids. But after that, my husband and I were able to sleep long and restful hours—at least until we hit middle age, and all the aches and pains that came with it.

While my now-adult daughter has always enjoyed quality sleep, my teenage son is a hot sleeper who experiences frequent growing pains, making it hard for him to sleep comfortably. Among the four of us, we have very different sleep needs and could never find a mattress that worked for everyone.

A good mattress can create a better sleep environment to increase the chance of a solid eight-plus hours of rest. That’s why we were psyched to try Octave Vista, a medium-firm memory foam mattress known for its quality and comfort. With three foam layers and a nanofibre cover that stays cool to the touch, Octave Vista is a great cooling mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The whole family took turns sleeping on the Octave Vista to get a range of experiences. Our verdict? We all think Octave Vista is the best memory foam mattress we’ve tried so far. In fact, we all loved it so much, we couldn’t decide who got to keep it.

It’s easy to see that an incredible level of care went into designing Octave Vista. The top cover is noticeably cool to the touch, and the layer of temperature-regulating foam kept even my high-temperature son nice and cool throughout the night, improving his sleep quality drastically.

My husband and I immediately noticed the difference in our sleep when we tried it. The tossing and turning that had frequently disturbed us on many a night was a non-issue, thanks to the thoughtfully designed three memory foam layers—a two-inch  high-performance memory foam with cooling technologies that pulls excess heat away from your body, a two-inch premium foam layer that cushions and conforms to your shoulders, back, and hips and an eight-inch support layer with five pressure-relief zones to support your entire body. We’d wake up feeling refreshed after a comfortable, well-supported night’s rest.

We’re all big fans of the firm support that hugs your body with plush cushioning while maintaining proper back alignment. All of us found Octave Vista to be significantly better than other memory foam mattresses we’ve tried. The only thing we didn’t like? We only had one Octave Vista between us. In the end, my son’s need for a cooling mattress won out—it’s his now.

Read on for more information about setting up Octave Vista, the sleep experience, the flexible return policy and the affordable cost.

What should I expect when Octave Vista arrives?

Octave Vista comes in a vertical box—ideal for city dwellers who can easily fit this package in an elevator or a narrow stairway. A queen mattress weighs about 69 pounds, so if you live alone, line up a friend for help. Handles on the top and bottom make it easier to carry.

How easy is Octave Vista to set up?

Looking at the box, I wasn’t quite sure how a quality queen mattress could fit in the compact packaging. To my surprise, it made it all the easier to set up. I thoroughly enjoyed unrolling the mattress and watching it magically expand, almost like a reverse Shrinky Dink. The instructions say to give it 30 minutes to expand to its full 12-inch height.

What does the Octave Vista feel like?

I’ve slept on other memory foam beds and liked them, but I couldn’t get over that initial too-firm impression when you flop into bed. Octave Vista, however, is softer and springier than those early memory foam mattresses while offering fantastic motion isolation. When my husband stirs in his sleep, I don’t even notice; the mattress absorbs the movement on his side. The mattress also has multiple pressure-relief zones, giving my body the right amount of support in all the right places.

The mattress is temperature-controlled, with a cooling nanofibre cover, heat-dissipating specialty foam infused with advanced phase-change material, and ultra-durable base foam with built-in air channel ventilation. I’m delighted to find that the cooling cover zips off and is machine washable—handy since my son gets nosebleeds.

What if I don’t like my Octave Vista?

Since it takes time to know if you’ve found your mattress match, Octave gives plenty of it with a 365-night sleep trial. You can initiate a return through the website after trying the mattress for at least 21 nights. Contact the Octave customer care team and they’ll guide you through their hassle-free return process. The Octave team will arrange to have the mattress picked up by a charity partner or to have it recycled.

How much does Octave Vista cost?

Prices start at $599, with a queen size running $899. Right now, a free bedding bundle—with pillows, sheets and mattress and pillow protectors—is included in that price, making Octave Vista excellent value for a premium memory foam mattress, especially compared with other mattresses in its category.

Ready for a great night’s sleep? Try Octave Vista here.