Why the MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo is the business laptop you need

Why the MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo is the business laptop you need

Just like you, it’s a multitasking pro, and ready to handle everything you can throw at it in peak form

As a freelance writer, editor and content creator, I wear multiple creative hats. Some days are filled with back-to-back meetings, others are dedicated to longer writing sessions, and others are spent editing videos or designing graphics. Finding a laptop that’s able to not only juggle those different tasks, but do each of them well, hasn’t always been easy—until I got my hands on MSI’s Summit E14 Flip Evo.

This sleek 12th gen business laptop is as adaptable and flexible (literally) as I am. Its 360 design and touch screen allows you to fully flip this laptop over and transform it into a tablet, making it the perfect multitasking tool. I’ve never owned a tablet before, so as a pen and paper gal, I’ve always been skeptical about how comfortably you can handwrite on one. With the MSI Pen—boasting an impressive 65 hours of battery life—I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless the transition was. The MSI Pen comes with two tips: one thicker and one thinner depending on your task. I stuck with the thin tip for notetaking and I was impressed at how neat and natural my writing was rendered on screen. Plus, when you’re done writing, you can stick it directly to the side of the laptop using its magnetic grips.

The flip tablet became a great mainstay for my presentations, especially since I was able to connect the pen via Bluetooth to click through slides. It’s also incredibly user-friendly for designers who are looking for a more hands-on and authentic digital illustration approach.

Weighing at 1.67 kilograms and only 17.99 mm thin, it’s light and easy to transport. Since I work remotely, I love to switch up my scenery. Whether it’s from my home office, my kitchen, a coffee shop or my local library, it’s convenient to be armed with a powerful laptop that’s equally compact that can easily slip into my favourite tote.

Working in a digital age also calls for a ton of virtual meetings, and this laptop is clearly built with that in mind. When speaking with coworkers and clients, looking professional is very important to me and that goes hand-in-hand with good sound and video quality. The Summit E14 Flip Evo comes with a 1080p webcam with built-in image noise reduction, noise cancellation, a quadruple microphone and a webcam lock switch. All four of these features work together to provide the highest quality and most crystal clear sound and video during virtual calls. I also really appreciated its Smart Auto and Ambient Silent AI, which automatically senses and interacts with your environment to heighten your settings and display.

Keeping my projects under embargo while securing client and personal information is also vital, and this smart computer left me with a sense of comfort and privacy thanks to its AI-powered security settings. If you ever misplace your Summit E14 Flip Evo, its Find with Tile setting will allow you to track its location through your phone or another computer even if it’s shut down. It also features Tobii Aware—only available on MSI EVO series laptops—a multipurpose privacy and security software that acts as your very own AI watchdog. It autonomously blurs your screen when you look or step away—using facial recognition to confirm your presence—while also automatically locking the device if you’re not present. It even notices if someone near you is peeking at your work and blurs your screen for privacy. Since I often work in public spaces, this extra level of security came in handy.

When shopping around for a new laptop, I always like to make sure that it’s able to run as long as I do, and this smart computer did not disappoint. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours (depending on what you’re working on) and can also charge up to 60 per cent in 53 minutes. It’s also built with Wi-Fi 6E which is faster than the more common Wi-Fi 5E, so I was able to get more work done in less time. Clumsiness is also part of my nature, so I was happy to find out that this laptop’s lightweight and compact design doesn’t take away from its military-grade durability. It’s gone through a variety of rigorous tests (i.e. shock, vibration, humidity, high temperature, low temperature, sand and dust, etc.) to ensure your investment is long term.

Ready for an upgrade? The new Summit E14 Flip Evo is now available at Memory Express: https://msi.gm/3RxzJYp and Newegg.ca: https://msi.gm/3Qxc5Kl.