What Justin Bieber fans bought at his Purpose pop-up shop

By Jean Grant| Photography by Joseph Fuda

On Wednesday, the Queen West menswear boutique Nomad transformed into a shrine to Justin Bieber: to celebrate his two ACC shows, the store is hosting a two-day pop-up shop featuring Bieber-themed apparel designed in collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo (he’s behind the trendy fashion label Fear of God), plus a six-piece collaboration with Nomad (it’s open until tonight at 7 p.m.). And when the Biebs hosts a sudden pop-up in Toronto, fans come a-flocking—some from as far away as New Brunswick. Yesterday, Beliebers waited in line for upwards of three hours to drop hundreds of dollars on branded hoodies and T-shirts. We asked some the most ardent fans what they bought.

Alec Jeffreys

19, Car wrapper “We drove from Hamilton in this car and got a lot of strange looks. But now that we’re in Toronto, everyone loves it. I got the blue hoodie—I didn’t want anything that had his face on it because I want to wear it a lot. I also love the Toronto Maple Leafs, and this could pass as team merch from the front. It was worth the $150 parking ticket I just got.”

Teryn Speirs

26, Art consultant “I’m a new fan—his last album was so amazing. I got the beige Purpose hoodie, a long-sleeved shirt and a few T-shirts. I spent $360.”

Yasmina Chami

18, Student “I came in from Mississauga and waited about three hours in line before getting in. I’m missing some class for this, but that’s okay. I bought this $90 sweatshirt—all in, I’ve easily dropped $250 on Bieber merch over the years.”


Rachel Wallace

28, Graphic designer “I think this long-sleeved shirt was the best one in there. We didn’t wait in line because my friend is friends with the shop’s owner...shh!”

Katie Smith, Jessica Love

15, Students Love: “Yeah, we’re missing school right now. We love Bieber because of, well, everything. He’s amazing. This T-shirt was $45 plus tax.”

Alicia Benko

16, Student “Everything is Justin Bieber for me—I’m even wearing a shirt from his last pop-up. I’m planning to see him in Orlando when I’m there.”

Sarah Messer

34, Registered Nurse “I bought a shirt for myself and another for my three-year-old son, who also loves Bieber. We came in all the way from Saint John, New Brunswick for the concert.”

Dallas Wigston

25, Unemployed “I bought a sweater, a hoodie and a couple of T-shirts. I think I spent over $200. I love Bieber, but I’m a bigger fan of the designer, Jerry Lorenzo.”

Alyson Wright

25, Registered Nurse “We’ve been here for at least four hours. I bought this sweater and the long-sleeve T-shirt. I think I paid $175 for two of them.”

Cody Goodyear

20, Student “I came in from Brampton. I really wanted the beige hoodie, but they were sold out so I got this instead. I’m a big fan—I actually have a Believe tattoo on my arm in the same place as Justin’s.”

Emily Crawford

15, Student “We drove three hours from Fergus for the concert tonight. I’ve loved Bieber since he started: his music, his hair, everything about him. I wanted the shirt with the red writing but they messed up my order.”

Thivani and Tharani Jeya

14, 18, Students Tharani: “We’re from Oshawa. We’ve been waiting for this for so long. We got these sweaters because everything else was sold out in our size.”

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