Inside Wyrth, a kitschy 5,000-square-foot home decor store in North York

Inside Wyrth, a kitschy 5,000-square-foot home decor store in North York

Brother-sister duo Rachel and Joey Benitah opened Wyrth, a kitchen and home decor store targeted at millennials, near Yorkdale in June. Rachel was in retail management at Humber College, and Joey was working as an e-commerce manager for a retail company, and they both struggled to find modern, cool accessories within their budget. They conceived the idea for the store while decorating Joey’s first apartment. After Rachel graduated from her program in the spring of 2018, the siblings got down to it, hiring a branding agency and going on buying trips to Europe and Asia. They wanted to attract young Torontonians looking to furnish their first homes with affordable wares, and so they filled the space with a mix of practical finds (monochromatic dinnerware) and more playful purchases (dog-shaped bookends). Shoppers can find Italian wine glasses, shaggy throw pillows, custom Canadian-made candles, and all manner of avocado-slicing devices. The most expensive items—fancy Tom Ford and Gucci coffee table books—top out at $180. Here’s a look inside.

The ice cream and cereal bar is right by the entrance. Guests can grab a cappuccino, a bowl of frosted flakes or an ice cream doused in sprinkles:

The cereals can, of course, be used as ice cream toppings as well:

Here’s the space. It used to be homeware store Benix and Co., so the renovations were minimal. They did install the dangling light fixtures topped with greenery, though:

These wire-mesh fruit bowls ($15), which allow your bananas and avocados to breathe, have been particularly popular:

Rachel tried to source practical utensils that had more than one use. For instance, there’s a pasta scooper that doubles as a small colander ($14):

Rachel is also a big baker, so she stocked the place with plenty of pastry accessories. These ramekin sets double as measuring cups ($32):

There’s a massive selection of dinnerware, from basic sets to these speckled plates from B.I.A. Cordon Bleu:

Displays are categorized according to theme. There’s a particularly large one devoted to pets, with dog beds, food bowls and these cute cat mugs ($12):

Here are the aforementioned bowls, equipped with social media–friendly hashtags ($12):

The store worked with a private-label Winnipeg company to design custom soy candles that come in scents like sage and sea salt, or amber and musk ($24):

There are various cookbooks scattered throughout the space including one by Christina Tosi, which includes the recipe for Milk Bar’s famous birthday cake:

Here’s the shop from the outside:

98 Orfus Rd., 416-519-6978,