Inside Oomomo, an enormous Japanese-inspired dollar store in North York

Inside Oomomo, an enormous Japanese-inspired dollar store in North York

Oomomo, North York’s new Japanese-inspired dollar store, looks like it was plucked from the suburbs of Tokyo. The Canadian chain has opened five stores in Canada since the end of 2018, and the newest location fills 13,000 square feet with a mix of household essentials and quirky items you never knew you needed (like a decorative stamp for your tofu). Nearly everything is imported from Japan, and most of the products are made by the popular Japanese brand Daiso.

Shoppers will find pretty patterned dishes, crafting products galore, unique beauty finds (like hair mascara to cover up greys) and all kinds of Marie Kondo–approved storage containers. “It’s for people who want to experience what regular daily living is like for people in Japan,” says manager Mimi Lam. Here’s a look inside.

The entrance is stacked with sets of funky Japanese bowls, cups and other dishware:

Here’s a closer look at some of the teacups and bowls:

There are lots of snacks, too, including super-sour popping candy (kind of like Japanese Warheads):

These candies are shaped like pencils:

Why have a regular sugar bowl when you can own one that’s shaped like a cat?

Here’s that hair mascara, which Lam says is quite popular:

There’s a whole shelf devoted to eyelashes:

These quirky kitchen gadgets are used for molding rice into fun shapes and stamping tofu with silly faces:

It’s safe to say the place probably has a container for everything:

Shoppers can protect themselves against flu season with the expansive selection of masks:

What kid doesn’t want a cat-shaped backpack?

Or some fake gold?

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