High Tech Test-Driving at Dyson Demo Yorkdale

High Tech Test-Driving at Dyson Demo Yorkdale

When looking to invest in new technology for your home, Dyson Demo Yorkdale is here to take you through the superior design, innovation and functionality behind each machine.

You would never purchase a car without taking it for a spin first, would you? We certainly wouldn’t recommend it. Before investing in a piece of technology that will last you through the years, trying before buying seems like a non-negotiable, yet it is not always available for everyday devices. The experts at Dyson know this, and have a solution that is changing the way consumers shop for and experience household technology.

Upon entering the Dyson Demo store at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, beauty obsessors and tech enthusiasts alike are invited into an interactive shopping experience, where testing products is not only available but highly encouraged. Launched in November of 2017, the store immediately brought in crowds of delighted and enthusiastic Torontonians hoping to experience Dyson first-hand. The store offers a space for consumers to see and get hands-on with their products, while connecting with in-house experts to get educated on the technology behind the machines. Shoppers find themselves instantly surrounded by thoughtfully-engineered products that are begging to be brought to life, from their renowned vacuum cleaners to air purifers and hair care tools.

Many know that the process of finding a hair styling tool is rarely quick or simple. Although there’s plenty of information available online, it can be hard to tell which product is right for you and your hair type. Enter Dyson Demo Yorkdale, a salon like experience where a quick drop-in can leave prospective buyers not only with styled hair, but a detailed knowledge of the engineering behind their hair care technology. In-store experts are there to provide a full walk-through of the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer and Airwrap™ syler, plus a hands-on demo to achieve a personalized style for every hair type. For shoppers who have less time to spare, products can simply be picked up in the store and brought home, with thirty days for returns if it doesn’t match their need. This product experience goes beyond hair care as store visitors can also discover the latest in home care.

When shopping for home goods, we are often able to test out pieces of furniture, like couches and beds. Why not also have the chance to try machines that will help to maintain a space? Pulling the trigger on a Dyson cordless vacuum in-store allows customers to test it out as if they were in their own home. Customers can get hands-on with the technology to feel its power and lightweight design, plus test the vacuums against eight types of household debris across common household floor types. Education is the best way to understand a product, and there’s no better way to recognize the power of leading technology than by test-driving it.

Much like the Geniuses at Apple, Dyson Experts are in-store to assist with product education and lead prospective buyers through discovery. Smart and innovative technology needs to be well understood to be worth the price tag, and Dyson offers a space to experience this for yourself. So if you find yourself searching for that next piece of personal care or household technology, give yourself the opportunity for education, understanding and first-hand experience at Dyson Demo Yorkdale.

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