Harry Rosen’s holiday gift guide

Harry Rosen’s holiday gift guide

Find the perfect gift for any man in your life this holiday season

It’s the most wonderful time of year to help keep your handsome loved ones dapper, no matter what personal style (and lifestyle) they’re working with. Shopping for the men in your life is notoriously hard—either they don’t tell you what they like, or simply don’t know what they’d want. But you do, thanks to this season’s curated gift lists by Harry Rosen.

Walk into a brick-and-mortar store, click online and shop the wish list he didn’t know he had. This season’s lists are broken down into specific personality traits, making checking off your list simple, whether the recipient spends most of his time outdoors, in airports, at the gym or home. There’s no such thing as the Harry Rosen Man because there’s a little something for every man at Harry Rosen.

Taking the guesswork out of your seasonal shopping this year, we’ve broken down eight popular aesthetics and how to shop for them.

The Audiophile (a.k.a. The Cool Kid)

You’ll find the cool kid in your life bobbing his head to house-synth beats or classic rock music. He has the in to every concert, house party and after-party before anyone else even knows they’re happening. You want this guy in your corner, dressed to the nines with cool gifts you got just for him, like these Joop! Gray Slim-Fit Jeans or this Brave Multi-Hole Leather Belt.

Shop more options for The Cool Kid here.

The Laid-Back Homebody

This guy knows how to relax and prefers to stay home instead of going out on the town, whipping up an impressive meal, cozying up with his favourite book or working on his latest creative project. Get him this Boss Logo Hooded Robe and these Church’s Leather Slippers so he can chill out in style.

Shop more options for The Laid-Back Homebody here.

The Intrepid Globetrotter

This man spends his free time on the road or in the sky, heading to the next destination on his extensive bucket list. He’s the one you turn to for recommendations in any city across the world. Repay him with an incredible gift like this Bellroy System Work Bag or this GoFranck Waterproof Jacket.

Shop more options for The Intrepid Globetrotter here.

The Timeless Gentleman

This is a man who knows himself and his style, rejecting trends and sticking to the tried-and-true timeless classics in his wardrobe. Gift him something that’ll seamlessly fit into his sophisticated collection, like this Le Bonnet Lambswool-Angora Toque or this Etro Paisley Sweater.

Shop more options for The Timeless Gentleman here.

The Endurance Athlete

A satisfying workout makes this guy tick. He’s disciplined, dedicated and loves a gift that adds to his active, high-performance lifestyle. Give him something to look forward to using or putting on next time he hits the weight rack like these Reigning Champ Coach’s Track Pants or these On Cloud X Running Shoes.

Shop more options for The Endurance Athlete here.

The Elegant Outdoorsman

He may love being out in nature, but he also values looking great while being there, too. From breathtaking sites for weekend-long canoe trips, this man in your life can do it all with the style of an elegant outdoorsman. Get him this minimalist Canada Goose Crofton Down Hoodie or these Harry Rosen Waxed Calfskin Boots.

 Shop more options for The Elegant Outdoorsman here.

The Mystery Man

Ok, some men are true moving targets. That’s why you love them—not how hard they are to shop for. Whether you’re buying for your new brother-in-law or a total stranger, they’re bound to get use out of gifts like this Marcoliani 6-Pack Printed Socks Gift Set or this Emporio Armani Hat & Scarf Set.

Shop more options for The Mystery Man here.

The Self-Care King

Beard, trimmed. Teeth, sparkling white. Skin, glowing. This man knows how to go above and beyond when caring for himself. His daily self-care routine is the envy of the neighbourhood—especially if you add this chrome-plated Merkur 3pc Double Edge Safety Razor Shaving Set or this Educated Beards, Book of Beards in Peppermint Cedarwood to his repertoire.

Shop more options for The Self-Care King here. 

If the man on your shopping list doesn’t fall into any of these categories, don’t worry. Harry Rosen’s holiday collection has a little something for everyone. Not sure which category he falls into? Take this quiz to find the perfect gift.