Grinch’s heart grows three sizes: Eaton Centre allows Sally Ann bells after all

Grinch’s heart grows three sizes: Eaton Centre allows Sally Ann bells after all

(Image: Ron Sombilon)

Last week, the CBC reported that Salvation Army collectors weren’t allowed to ring their bells in the Eaton Centre or Fairview Mall, both owned by Cadillac Fairview. (This was apparently a mistake—Fairview Mall management says there’s never been a ban on Sally Ann bells in that mall.) Well, the firestorm that touched off seems to have had an effect, as the Eaton Centre has relented and allowed the charity to ring their bells and give all those angels wings after all. According to the CBC:

The ban on bell ringing was established eight years ago with the co-operation of the Salvation Army because of noise complaints from some of the 230 tenants of the mall.

“Today, given the public’s support for the return of the bells, we believe the timing is right to reintroduce them to our shopping centres,” said Susan Allen, the general manager of the Eaton Centre in a Sunday statement.

The Eaton Centre’s parent company, Cadillac Fairview, said the decree now applies to all shopping centres owned by the company—although there was only a specific ban in place at the Eaton Centre.

Sadly, the mall didn’t follow our suggestion and add a ban on the standard holiday music rotation that never seems to leave the 1980s. But in this season, when shopping can feel more like prolonged psychological torture, it’s nice to see a win for charity. Let’s hope that this city doesn’t get all fickle and start whining about the bells next Christmas.

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