The Find: A super-efficient washer and dryer that beat out all competition

The Find: A super-efficient washer and dryer that beat out all competition

The Miele W1T1 is in a class all its own

While we realize that a new washer and dryer probably falls into that shopping category of “dreaded necessity” rather than “fun splurge,” the latest product from Miele, the W1T1 laundry system, is definitely worth gushing over. It just arrived in Canada on May 4 and is a must-purchase for anyone who truly cares about their clothes. It’s incredibly efficient, unbelievably convenient and, best of all, will ensure your coveted wardrobe stays in the best shape of its life.

Anyone can admit that the most annoying part about washing your clothes is actually doing it. Convenience is key when it comes to finally getting that post-holiday laundry done or estimating drying time before you have to leave for that big meeting—and every step counts. With the Miele W1 washing machine, you don’t even have to worry about adding detergent to each load. It’s got something they call TwinDos, which are two large detergent compartments at the bottom of the machine that automatically dispense the appropriate amount of detergent based on the program selected (i.e., whites, relatively soiled, etc.). For the super-time-crunched, there’s an option for a QuickIntenseWash—meaning that you’re guaranteed to get ultra-clean clothes in less than an hour.

Not only is the washer super-efficient, but it’s also especially awesome for anyone who loves to purchase luxurious silks and wools without necessarily knowing how to properly care for them. The washer is built with a patented honeycomb-like drum, which ensures there is always a thin film of water separating your clothing from the actual drum. This means there’s never any risk of delicate fibres catching, pilling or wearing. And, instead of taking a pricy trip to the dry cleaner, you can rely on the W1’s unique CapDosing capabilities, which means it can add an extra care step—in the form of pre-portioned capsules you can order online—to special fabrics (you know, so you don’t ruin them after one wear). For instance, when you place a Woolcare cap in the fabric conditioner compartment at the start of a wash, it will automatically dispense at the perfect time to provide that extra protection for your cozy sweaters.

The T1 dryer is equally magical, for many reasons, but perhaps most exciting of all is that it basically has a built-in steamer. Yup, you read that correctly. The SoftSteam program sprays water into the honeycomb drum at the start of the drying cycle. The water is heated during the cycle to create a fine mist that leaves your clothes nearly as smooth as a baby’s bottom—and your iron in the closet. Plus, special sensing technology ensures you’ll never take out damp clothes, and an EcoFeedback function ensures you’ll never use more energy than you have to.

The dryer is also a dream for fragrance-obsessed Torontonians who like to mix it up. Instead of fragranced dryer sheets, Miele has invented FragranceDos, tiny pods that easily fit into a holder near the lint filter. Similar to CapDos, FragranceDos comes in three different scents that you can pick and choose depending on your mood (i.e., whether you’ll be lounging on the couch or heading out on the town in those freshly washed duds).

Possibly even better than all these amazing features, though, is being able to trust that the W1T1 will be the last washer and dryer you ever have to buy. Miele carries out intensive tests that ensure its German-engineered machines can withstand over 10,000 washes. Even someone who does laundry five times a week will be able to keep it for at least twenty years.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you can feel good about helping the environment while simultaneously keeping your hydro bill down. Miele is known for its sustainability cred, and the W1T1 is designated as Energy Star Qualified for 2018. The fact that all this technology comes in a beautifully minimalist, extremely compact package that can be stacked and installed anywhere (its heat-pump technology is totally ventless) is the icing on the cake.

We’ve tried a ton of washers and dryers in our day, but the W1T1 is on another level, with the ability to effortlessly improve any busy Torontonian’s life. Because really, anything that makes doing laundry less of a chore is okay by us.

Washer and dryer pair from $4998. Browse the W1T1 online at