Eleven essential CBD beauty products to get you through the winter

Eleven essential CBD beauty products to get you through the winter

1Apothecary’s hemp-powered shaving soap: It has a smooth goat’s milk base, comes in scents like bourbon–whiskey–vanilla bean, Caribbean rum, and of course the Harvey Wallbanger shown here, and helps treat wrinkles, acne and shaving nicks. $15. Apothecarynaturals.ca.

2Malin and Goetz’s foaming hand-and-body wash: For those who find the unmistakable whiff of weed as intoxicating as the stuff itself, this product mimics the grassy, funky fragrance. $29. Jacob and Sebastian, 622 Queen St. W., 647-345-0478, jacobandsebastian.com. 

3Calyx’s Calm spray: In this age of high anxiety—Trump! Ford! Climate catastrophe!—a spritz of this spray, made in Toronto with peppermint, grapeseed oil, menthol and CBD, is designed to relax nerves and ease stress. $90. Calyxwellness.co.

4Ildi Pekar’s sleep mask infused with CBD oil: Fancy facialist Ildi Pekar—the beautician of choice for Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk and other Victoria’s Secret angels—makes an opulent mask with white willow bark, ginger milk and a witch’s brew of other ingredients meant to nourish and repair winter-chapped skin overnight. $125. Ildipekar.com.

5Kush Queen’s Lit Kit: This little collection is designed for the ultimate at-home high. Each set comes with a THC-spiked chocolate edible, a joint pre-rolled in flowery paper, and a bath bomb that blends scents like lavender, frankincense and chamomile with high-quality THC and CBD oils. $20. Kushqueencannabis.com.

6Xyrena’s cannabis-infused OG Kush scent: The perfume provocateurs at Xyrena make fragrances with notes of “atmospheric mildew” and “leather car interior.” This one replicates the aroma of the eponymous West Coast pot strain, with notes of cedar, lemon, pine and a dash of burnt rubber to keep it weird. $112. Xyrena.com.

7Omni’s bath soak: The only thing better than a hot bath? A hot bath steeped in wooze-inducing THC. Omni blends pink Himalayan rock salt (which will possibly help detoxify your skin) with weed-laced epsom salts (which will certainly get you high). $30. Canmedi.com.

8Mota’s body balm: The weed wizards at Mota have created a robust antidote for PMS and general winter blahs: a soothing topical balm of willow bark (to relieve pain), St. John’s Wort (to lift blues), CBD oil (to ease cramping) and THC (to make everything a bit more relaxed). $36. Motacannabisproducts.ca.

9Herb Essentials’ moisturizing lotion: Cannabis sativa skin oil is a natural emollient, spurring skin to hydrate and balance itself. This baby is loaded with the stuff, as well as other known smoothers like aloe vera, shea butter and chamomile. $48. Herbessntls.com.

10Rest aromatherapy oil: Ste. Anne’s, the plush spa an hour and a half east of the city, has developed its own line of blissed-out cannabis paraphernalia. We like Rest, brewed with sleepy-making CBD, lavender, balsam and vanilla, and equally effective in a diffuser or applied directly to the skin. $24.50. Shop.steannes.ca.

11Boy Smells’ Kush coconut-beeswax candle: It’s redolent of the bright and spicy cannabis flower, as well as warm suede, white musk and amber. $50. Easy Tiger, 1447 Dundas St. W., 647-748-6161, easytigergoods.com.