Why Casper’s new mattress is a game-changer

Why Casper’s new mattress is a game-changer

Casper’s been revolutionizing the sleep industry since it started hawking those delightfully compact blue-and-white boxes—stuffed with what has become known as the “perfect mattress”—online in 2014. Their latest invention, the Wave, is the first of its kind, and a real lifesaver for anyone with spine alignment problems (a.k.a. anyone who sits at a desk for a living or tends to binge-watch GOT for hours).

After constructing an insanely high-tech, 5,000-square-foot lab in San Francisco (complete with a climate-controlled testing bedroom), Casper’s 40-person research and development team has actually figured out how to complement the natural shape of your body, and provide extra support and relief where needed. And yes, we know not everyone’s body is shaped the same way. As the brand’s co-founder and CPO Jeff Chapin explains to Architectural Digest, “We dug into millions of data points and discovered we could change the surface of the mattress to better cradle the shoulders and hips and thus better align the spine. The outcome is the Casper Wave and deeper, more restorative sleep.”

It makes sense: in mattresses that are the same level of softness throughout, heavier areas of the body—namely, the shoulders and hips—will naturally sink lower than lighter parts, resulting in additional discomfort for anyone with back pain. In the Casper Wave, the area under the shoulders is made up of tons of tiny contours that actively spread out weight, and the area under the hips is reinforced with a sturdy network of polymer fibres—all of which results in less spinal curvature during your shut-eye. For maximum coziness, they’ve added an additional top layer of luxurious velvety foam, which basically melts away as you lie down. And creating the ultimate bedroom oasis is simple with an adjustable base that lets you effortlessly manoeuvre into the comfiest TV-watching or reading position.

Another bonus: Casper is offering Toronto Life readers $65 off any mattress purchase when they use the code TL65. Now, get some sleep.

What it’ll set you back:

Twin: $1,300

Twin XL: $1,500

Full: $2,200

Queen: $2,400

King/California King: $2,800

All prices in Canadian dollars.

Check out Casper’s award-winning mattresses and order online.

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