The best sleds for maximal downhill whooshing

The best sleds for maximal downhill whooshing

From inflatable unicorn snow tubes to bespoke handcrafted ash toboggans

For attention seekers

GoFloats winter snow tube, $67

GoFloats’ adult-sized novelty snow tube comes with sturdy handles and an elevated seat for an extra comfortable ride, even on bumpy hills.

For minimalists

Stiga GT King Snowracer, $170

This sleek, monochrome snowracer features a front shock absorber, a foot brake and a steering wheel.

For traditionalists

L.L. Bean Dash runnered sled, $245

This durable maple and stainless-steel sled comes with a pivot steering system for a controlled downhill ride, and a pull rope for an easy climb up.

For first timers

Gizmo Riders Supernova 70, $22

This saucer is fast, lightweight and easy to store away in a tight space. It comes with two handles, and a brake built into the back.

For dynamic duos

Streamridge traditional double up sleigh with plaid pads, $248

Streamridge’s sled is made in Canada using Ontario ash, and little ones will appreciate its comfortable, hand-sewn seat pads.

For connoisseurs with money to burn

Northern Toboggan Co. 1800s toboggan, $1,143

Handcrafted in Minnesota using materials and traditional techniques from the 1800s, Northern Toboggan’s ash sled can be custom engraved with your family moniker.

For little daredevils

Flexible Flyer foam sled, $40

Flexible Flyer’s foam sled, for ages five and up, features a speed-inducing hard plastic bottom and only weighs a little over two pounds, so kids won’t have any problems pulling it uphill themselves.

For all ages

L.L. Bean Sonic snow tube, from $199

This doughnut was designed with a rugged base for tubing parks, so it’ll take a beating.

For happy trios

Era Group Manitou extra-large three-person toboggan, $30

This Canadian-made 66-inch solid plastic toboggan features three pairs of side handles for extra security.

For little commuters

Stiga Kick Combo scooter, $90

The all-season Stiga scooter, for kids aged five and up, is ready for snowy sidewalks and gentle trails, but also comes with wheels for the rest of the year.

For kids at heart

Funboy inflatable winter sleigh snow sled, $126

Funboy’s vinyl inflatable, which is recommended for riders aged 14 and up, cushions the tush and can hold up to 250 pounds.

For easy riders

Flexible Flyer Snow Twist snow tube, $45

Flexible Flyer’s inflatable snow tube features a slick bottom for a high-speed ride and two sets of handles for security.

For repeat runners

Sonic Snow Saucer DLX, $79

L.L.Bean’s colourful snow saucer is fast, lightweight and features a nonslip foam liner.

For practical racers

Lugik Trilugik tray sled, $45

The two-seater tray sled from Lugik comes packed with features like hand brakes and built-in storage for the sled’s rope and handle.

For bargain hunters

Era Group classic turbo carpet, $6

This made-in-Canada carpet can be rolled up compact when not in use. It’s a budget-friendly, zero-frills way to take advantage of a fresh dusting.

For astrology heads

Hitop snow tube, $58

This inflatable snow tube is made with puncture-resistant PVC and can be used in temperatures as low as -40°C.

For adrenalin junkies

Yukon Charlie’s Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD, $276

This professional sled is designed for serious speed. It features a powder-coated aluminum frame and polycarbonate and polymer skis.