The five best sex toys at the five best sex shops in Toronto

The five best sex toys at the five best sex shops in Toronto

If you know where to look, Toronto is a very naughty town. Here, the best sex shops in Toronto with the best high-tech toys

Stuff for Play
The Condom Shack

MAN TOYS The Condom Shack 231 Queen St. W., 416-596-7515

Like its name says, this store specializes in prophylactics—including cola-flavoured, glow-in-the-dark, King Kong–sized and hypoallergenic options—but the selection of sex toys is just as well curated. The Japanese-made Tenga Eggs have an elastic, skin-soft rubber sleeve and look cartoonishly cute, evoking Pokémon characters rather than disembodied body parts. They’re also inconspicuous—there’s nothing telling about the egg-shaped package, so nosy dates rooting around your night table will just think it’s an exotic tchotchke. $13.

Come as You Are

FLOGGER Come as You Are 493 Queen St. W., 416-504-7934

The 16-year-old co-op is thoughtfully arranged from vanilla at the front (how-to books and tingly lotions) to extra-spicy at the back (studded harnesses and bondage paraphernalia). The Maid of Suede flogger is hand cut from Ontario cowhide by a small leather-working operation in Peterborough. The whip has a half-pound woven leather handle (the weight makes for a smooth stroke, same as a tennis racquet) and 32 supple suede tails that can deliver a nasty sting or titillating tickle, depending on your mood. And if you need tips on wielding the whip, CAYA offers adult sex ed classes, too. $195.



The Danforth sex store Red Tent Sisters recently moved their estro-fest online, where they now specialize in environmentally friendly gizmos. The Fling is the nearest thing to a bespoke dildo. It’s carved by hand from sustainably logged wood—available in six kinds, including wenge and ironwood—and sealed with non-toxic, medical-grade glaze that gives the toy a glassy feel. They’re designed for G spot and prostate stimulation, although the makers prefer to call them “ergonomic sculptures” and encourage users to display them as erotic art. $160.

Linea Intima

KEGEL BEADS Linea Intima 2901 Bayview Ave., 416-221-9225

Kegel exercises have become as popular as Pilates classes among new moms looking to tone up after giving birth (and have a little fun at the same time). The silicon Lelo Luna Beads fit inside the vagina and swish around ever so slightly when you walk, causing the pelvic muscles to tighten around them. The set comes with 28-gram and 37-gram weights so you can increase the resistance as you squeeze your baby box back into shape. They’re also soft and silent (little rubber rings make sure they don’t clink together), so they can be worn while cleaning, working out or even at the office, provided you can keep your autoerotic enjoyment under wraps. $50.

Good for Her

VIBRATING DILDO Good for Her 175 Harbord St., 416-588-0900

Browsing this shop, just off the U of T campus, feels like auditing a racy women’s studies seminar. The focus is mostly on the ladies, with a few hours on Sunday reserved for women and trans only, but men are welcome all other times, and the first floor is full of goodies for couples, like the OhMiBod Freestyle. The double-pronged (one for the inside, one for the outside) dildo contains a chip that allows it to pulse to the tunes on your partner’s iPod from up to 25 feet away. So, if you’ve ever fantasized about having your lady business buzzed from afar—and to the beat of the latest Flo Rida single—well, there’s an app for that. $135.

(Images: Products by Christopher Stevenson; stores by Erin Leydon)


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