7 of the Most Common Sleep Habits and What They Say about Your Nighttime Needs

7 of the Most Common Sleep Habits and What They Say about Your Nighttime Needs

As humans, we’re supposed to spend nearly half our lives horizontal: regenerating, recalibrating and resting up for what the next day has in store. As busy Torontonians, we probably sleep quite a bit less. But as lives become more hectic and the number of distractions in the bedroom skyrockets, the pursuit of the perfect sleep has become even more important.

Sure, there are a ton of brands who claim to have one-size-fits-all solutions. But the reality is: everyone has different sleeping habits—and the needs of an energetic millennial are going to differ greatly compared to those of their 80-year-old grandparent.  Sleep Country Canada, celebrating its 25th birthday this year, understands this better than anyone, and has proved to be way more than a mattress retailer: they’re a country-wide hub for innovative sleep essentials that they match to every kind of sleeper.

As part of their new Tell Us Everything campaign, the brand recently conducted an extensive survey of Canadians, asking them a series of questions about sleep, including what they think of it, how they do it and some of the things preventing them from getting the best of it. Here are a few stats based on survey answers and what they mean about you and your slumber-related necessities.

60 per cent of Canadians sleep on their side. In the survey, a surprising number of Canadians chose the same sleeping pose: on their side. While it’s obviously comfortable, side-sleeping can lead to more issues (think: neck pain, hip pain) than back-sleeping in the long run. When it comes to choosing a mattress, side-sleepers probably want to consider a Tempur-Pedic model that absorbs pressure points while still supporting your spine. Sleep Country also has a pillow bar that showcases all their pillows, organized by sleeping style.

47 per cent of Canadians get five to seven hours of sleep. That’s not enough. Sleep Country also found that 55 per cent of millennials hit the snooze button at least once every morning, while 22 per cent of millennials admit to falling asleep on public transit—showing that the generation is chronically under-slept. One reason for this could be that many millennials don’t own a bed that works for them. Sleep Country’s Sleep Experts pride themselves on being able to match holistic sleep solutions to every kind of sleeper. It’s like having your own personal sleep therapist who will tell you exactly what you need to get your best sleep.

71 per cent of millennials scroll through social media in bed. The blue light emitted from devices can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime, which can make it harder to drift off. If you find yourself needing some stimulation to distract yourself from your stresses and unwind once you get into bed, try a printed book.

50 per cent of Canadians sleep with a snoring partner. Loud or restless sleepers can have detrimental effects on the slumber cycles of their partners. Investing in more bed space can do wonders for providing some necessary distance from noisy bed buddies—whether it’s your husband, your toddler or your especially cuddly retriever. Sleep Country carries a wide selection of king-size beds that can give you as much separation as possible from any nighttime annoyances.  Another great option are these lifestyle adjustable bases. Their elevation can provide relief for snoring partners. (While you’re at it, you can pick up a bed of their own for your pet.)

61 per cent of millennials would cancel plans to sleep. Despite never getting enough of it, we still value sleep immensely. When you consider the amount of time you spend in your bed, it seems insane not to invest in your bed to maximize your comfort levels. Sleep Country sells more than just mattresses: they also have a large selection of outrageously soft sheets and duvets that will make it tough to RSVP “yes” again. They even have a weighted blanket that can help quash anxiety.

85 per cent of Canadians prefer their bed to hotel beds. As much as the crisp sheets and plush pillows of hotels are appealing, this surprising stat shows that most of us are creatures of habit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own bed feel as special as staying in a 5 star hotel: Sleep Country sells sleep masks and four calming linen sprays that will make going to bed feel more luxurious than at a five-star resort.

38 per cent of Canadians like to sleep in PJs. We get it: PJs are comfy. But they can also make you warmer, especially in the summer months—and no one likes feeling as if they’re sleeping in a sauna. Sleep Country sells a bunch of cooling pillows that actually work. For instance, the Polar Tropic is designed for those who change position in their sleep, with one side covered in cool, silky threads that will ensure you’re able to wear your favourite jammies all summer long.

Visit sleepcountry.ca to check out their full assortment of innovative sleep solutions that are guaranteed to help you get a great night’s sleep. You can also head in-store to speak with a sleep expert who will match you to a personalized sleep solution.