4 reasons why midtown living is better when you buy new-build property over resale

4 reasons why midtown living is better when you buy new-build property over resale

Skip the bidding war and enjoy the benefits of a pre-construction home

Buying a previously owned home is nice, but in the end, unless you’re willing to undertake major—often costly—renovations, you’re buying a home someone else has lived in and customized to their specific and personal needs. That’s just one of several reasons why purchasing a pre-construction home can be a better, more financially sound option.

Having the opportunity to customize a brand-new space makes that home feel like your own in a way moving into a resale home never can. Picking your finishes before your home is even built costs a lot less than renovating a resale home after you buy it. It also means you get the home you want the minute you move in.

Bespoke living is a key feature of Savile on the Roe, a Toronto development that, like its namesake—London’s iconic Savile Row, a street synonymous with high-end bespoke tailoring and an elite level of customized distinction—offers a perfectly tailored lifestyle, located in the enviable Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, the heart of Toronto’s convenient midtown. Along with being able to customize their home before it’s built, residents of Savile on the Roe enjoy all of the additional benefits that come with buying a pre-construction home, such as:

No bidding wars

Bidding on a resale home is not only stressful, but it can also lead to an inflated sale price that’s well over market value, taking money out of your pocket in the process.

Lower fees

If you’re moving into a home with maintenance fees, you’ll pay lower rates on a pre-construction residence because it’s new.*

Home value

The value of your home is likely to rise not only after you move in, but while it’s still being built—before your mortgage payments even begin. In fact, in many cases, a pre-construction home will increase in value more than you could typically save during the same period.

Solid warranty

If you encounter any issues with the construction of your new home, including needed repairs or occupancy delays, there are warranty programs that protect you and your investment.

At the end of the day, your home should be your carefree sanctuary. Whether you’re a young buyer looking to upgrade your living space—for just yourself or for a growing family—or someone looking to downsize to a smaller space, Savile on the Roe offers a variety of options to choose from, with residences from 920 square feet to 2,432 square feet. Layouts from three collections are designed to suit every lifestyle:

  • Avenue Collection: walk-up residences on the north side of the building with their own private patio up front
  • Terrace Collection: on the third and fourth floors of the building, with their own private rooftop terrace above the fourth floor
  • Garden Collection: residences on the south side of the building with beautiful backyards, featuring oversized patio seating areas and large grassy areas that are up to 80 feet deep

*Fees calculated separately.

For a limited time, Savile on the Roe is offering a summer saving offer of up to $75,000 off pre-construction homes. To learn more, visit savileontheroe.com.