How this Toronto couple got cash back from purchasing a new home

How this Toronto couple got cash back from purchasing a new home

A new real estate model puts the power back in homebuyers’ hands

Dan and Jennifer started casually looking for a new place in the fall of 2022. The couple liked their condo and neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, but wanted more space to expand their family. When a unit in their area popped up for sale, they didn’t have a realtor to help them arrange a visit. That’s when they discovered Wahi.

An innovative and collaborative method

Unlike traditional agencies, Wahi assigns a homebuyer a dedicated virtual-based agent who’s available to help at any time. Because all of Wahi’s agents are virtual, they save on costs, which means they can offer cash back after closing.

From scheduling last-minute viewings to putting in offers, there’s always someone by your side to answer questions throughout the process. Wahi’s convenient online chat feature allows you to easily talk to your agent and bring in other realtors if needed. “There was no downtime in terms of support from anyone on their team,” says Dan.

Agent-level insights—anytime, anywhere

The couple found Wahi’s real estate insights and tools particularly useful in narrowing their property search. “Once you’ve set your filters, you don’t have to continuously go in and reset them,” says Dan. “It also shows you homes for sale in your filter range.”

The home-value estimator allowed them to quickly see if a property was over- or underpriced. “A lot of sellers put something up for $600,000, though they really want $900,000,” says Jennifer. “We found it helpful to see if a property was in our price range.”

Home sweet new home, plus cash in your pocket

After they took a short break from house hunting, their realtor reached out to see if any listings had piqued their interest. Using neighbourhood finder, the pair found a handful of areas that met their criteria just outside of their original search zone and decided to schedule more viewings. 

The couple ended up purchasing a 1,000-square-foot two-bedroom home with a den in Liberty Village for just under $1 million. And because they took advantage of the Wahi MyBuy program, they received cash back on their purchase, which totalled $15,000.

The cash was deposited directly into their bank account almost immediately after the deal closed. “It was very easy and Wahi kept us posted the whole time,” says Dan. Now settled into their new home, they’re very pleased with how everything turned out. 

Download the Wahi app today to start your journey toward homeownership, and learn how you can earn up to one per cent cash back on your purchase with Wahi MyBuy.