The Brand Factory Sweeps the BILD Awards

The Brand Factory Sweeps the BILD Awards

The BILD Awards took place on April 28th, 2016. What are the BILD awards? Other than a night of dinner, drinks and developers, the BILD awards are one of the most highly revered events in the Canadian real estate industry.


Celebrating excellence in the Greater Toronto Area’s new home and land development industry, BILD recognizes innovation in design, construction, sales and marketing. The association also presents prestigious Pinnacle Awards such as Home Builder of the Year, and the People’s Choice Award.

One agency managed to steal the show that night: The Brand Factory. Although they don’t build, they sure know how to BILD, or at least they know how to brand. With 12 awards under their name, The Brand Factory was easily the most decorated agency at the show.

Here’s the gist and the list:
Best Overall Marketing Campaign. The Brand Factory
People’s Choice Award. The Brand Factory
Project of the Year in the Low-Rise Category. The Brand Factory
Best New Community. The Brand Factory
Best Radio Ad Campaign. The Brand Factory
Best Digital Marketing Campaign. The Brand Factory
Best Sales Office. The Brand Factory
Best Print Ad. The Brand Factory
Best Brochure. The Brand Factory
Best Direct Mail. The Brand Factory
Best Rendering. The Brand Factory
Best Built Project. The Brand Factory

The Brand Factory’s many accolades should come as no surprise. President Joseph Sulpizi says, “We have an old-school work ethic. We work hard and play hard. And it is our desire to create something new that drives us to do amazing work.” Sulpizi started the company 17 years ago with one client, Longo’s. He gradually built up an agency and has been picking up clients and awards ever since. Lining the walls of his sleek, New York style agency space in Yorkville, are hundreds of awards ranging from JUNOs to Summit Creative Awards to, of course, tons of BILD awards.

“While we are happy to be recognized with all of these creative awards, it’s really our clients who deserve to be acknowledged,” says Roberto Yangosian, account director at The Brand Factory. “Without their courage to strive for breakthrough creative, our work would never win.”

The Brand Factory is an agency that disrupts the status quo. They continuously produce breakthrough work that tells a captivating story, gets peoples’ attention and creates change. It certainly helps that their Real Estate Creative Group has global expertise. “The group members didn’t all start that way,” says Vance Carmel, head of digital. “We made to sure to hire fun, passionate people who have a new take on things. Our team comes from all facets of branding, advertising and digital, and I think it helped us see things in an exciting, youthful way.” Bringing a more digital vibe to each campaign has evidently helped The Brand Factory change the course of realty advertising, successfully getting them to where they are today.


Although The Brand Factory truly is the best in show when it comes to their Real Estate Group, their eclectic team of individuals produce award-winning work for a diverse clientele. The Brand Factory currently has clients across Canada and the United States, and operates in two groups: their Retail Group which works on clients in the Food, Entertainment and Finance sectors; and the aforementioned Real Estate Group.

It comes with no surprise that the Brand Factory was named after Andy Warhol’s “The Factory,” a hip hangout for freethinkers and artistic types, famed for producing revolutionary work. “Andy Warhol is my biggest inspiration,” says Joseph Sulpizi. “He had a quote that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes; well, if that’s true and you’re only going to be famous for 15 minutes, you better work to leave a mark that will last a lifetime.”

With 12 BILD awards added to their ever-expanding collection, it is safe to say The Brand Factory has increased their chance to leave a prominent mark in their trade and beyond.

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