Surreal Estate: $10 million for a psychedelic fairy tale castle in Vaughan

Surreal Estate: $10 million for a psychedelic fairy tale castle in Vaughan

What York Region home would be complete without 13 toilets, a shuffleboard room, ceilings with dragon murals and a hall of wizards?

An aerial view of the castle, with its signature winding footprint.

Location: Woodland Acres, Vaughan
Price: $9,998,000
Size: 5,000 square feet plus a 1,150-square-foot basement and a 600-square-foot attic
Bedrooms: 7+1
Bathrooms: 13
Parking spaces: 8
Real estate agent: Voula Argyropoulos, Hammond International Properties

The place

An eight-bedroom, 13-bathroom castle in rural Vaughan. It sits on 1.9 acres of land and comes with a kidney-shaped pool, an army of statues, an observatory and a greenhouse. The fairy tale compound is nestled in Woodland Acres, a neighbourhood known for its gawk-worthy estates. It’s within walking distance of Bathurst Street and a short carriage ride from downtown Vaughan. 

The history

The current owners built the house between 2004 and 2007. Inspired by Gothic and medieval architecture, they incorporated ornate turrets, murals and stained glass into the design—for whimsy, of course. They’ve hosted Gatsby-like parties with guests including Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover and Wiz Khalifa. 

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The tour

A long driveway replete with mature maple trees on both sides leads to the main house. (Unfortunately, the vintage Benz doesn’t come with the home.)

The driveway is flanked by mature maple trees.

These cement dogs—always guarding the front door—are two of the many statues that dot the property.

These dog statues are made of cement.

The main foyer (or what the owners call the grand hall) features a heraldic mural of a knight on a horse bidding his lady farewell, just because. It also comes with stained-glass windows and quatrefoil ceilings, which took two people a month to paint by hand.

That mural in the Grand Hall depicts a knight riding a horse.

Here’s a closer look at the cornice moulding in the grand hall.

Note the cornice moulding.

Airbrushed dragons and clouds circle the dining table. The antiques and furniture on display are not included in the sale of the home.

Yes, those are dragons floating above the dining table.

In the breakfast area, bronze deer statues skirt a huge stained-glass window featuring two deer in a forest. The glass was crafted by Robert McCausland Ltd., the oldest stained-glass manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere.

The stained glass is by Robert McCausland.

That blue counter in the kitchen is made of volcanic rock that changes colour at high temperatures.

The kitchen counter changes colour based on the temperature.

Next to the kitchen is a lounge area as well as a 30-square-foot cage where owners house their chinchillas, birds, cats and other pets. 

The lounge also comes with a cage for pets.

The massive family room showcases cherrywood flooring and coffered ceilings.

That's cherry wood in the family room.

Tall bookshelves line every wall of the library, which also features a secret entrance to the main bedroom.

The library has a secret entrance to the main suite.

This staircase contains trellis detailing and leads to both the children’s bedrooms and the basement. The floor here is made of hand-cut marble.

Nothing like spiral staircase made of wood and iron.

The main bedroom is also on the ground floor and walks out to the swimming pool and the gardens. Those are fairies floating around the ceiling, in case you were wondering.

The main bedroom walks about to the backyard pool.

Turn around to take in this indoor gazebo-like space surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling mural.

A gazebo-like lounge in the main bedroom.

Here’s the daughter’s bathroom. It has a mural of a girl with long blonde hair (her likeness) riding a horse out of the ocean.

This bathroom was designed for the daughter of the family.

Moving upstairs reveals the second-floor landing, which overlooks the grand hall. 

This landing overlooks the Grand Hall.

Made of Venetian plaster and lined with 10 wizard-head sconces, this curved hallway connects the children’s bedrooms. 

The wizard hallways connects the children's rooms.

The third floor houses the observatory, where the telescope can be used to gaze up at the stars through the glass dome overhead.

The entire third floor is for the observatory.

Down in the basement is this soundproof shuffleboard room with a Nickelodeon colour palette. 

Down in the basement: shuffleboard.

A peek outside highlights this sculptureone of four matching pieces scattered around the groundsbought from an estate sale 30 years ago. 

Ten different sculptures are spread across the grounds.

The swimming pool, hot tub and waterfalls are all peach granite from Northern Ontario and are surrounded by shrubbery and trees. 

The serene and verdant backyard.

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